Greece Will Be Returning to the News Tomorrow


There’s not really much here to say except that Greece’s economic woes will resurge around the evening time tomorrow. There’s a big showdown that is resolved around the bailout talks and there’s a major push for more than the creditors can handle. When this talk snaps, it may be nearly impossible to get it restarted again. Default and a grexit is inevitable. So far, despite repeated kicks of the can and forced talks prolonged by economic hegemony, I have said that they will exit the eurozone. Let’s see what is made of a new revelation that comes out in the next few days. It will turn the country upside its head and make it wish that would have stopped the talks much sooner. It will become a day that the Greeks may soon wish to forget. Keep an eye on this space. More information is coming in the next few days.


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    • They are supposed to be wrapping up negotiations today, but somehow they’ll be derailed. Either before completion or passage, it’s tripped up by an outside force. Keep an eye out for it. My psychic hunch suggests this story isn’t done quite yet. There’s more to come.

      • “But whether the accord would satisfy Germany, or be ratified by other European governments in time to send Greece new aid to make a crucial €3.2 billion payment to the European Central Bank on Aug. 20, remained to be seen.”

        Hold your horse there. I left it written with the possibility they’d agree to a deal. Doesn’t mean it will be ratified. That still remains to be seen….in all of the participating parliaments. When those votes come about, wait for news that may scare off a number of nations from ratifying the agreement. That’s what is at stake here. As I’ve said before, this story isn’t over yet.

      • well that is that then, eurozone has agreed the bailout it is done. another can kick for 3 years, they are so desperate to keep there vanity project alive.

      • Not exactly…..

        Before that’s a distinct possibility, we need…

        a) all the parliaments to approve the bailout deal; including the increasingly unwilling members of the German Bundestag

        b) debt relief, something that IMF demands, but Germany balks at


        c) Tsipras to survive an inevitable snap back election against the rising force of right wing fanaticism and/or an assassination on his life

        Yes, this is a can kick, but it’s mainly only for another month or two….as I’ve written about previously. We’re not out of the woods yet. You’ve said this multiple times, yet the same problems I’ve discussed still remain at issue to this very day. Same players playing the same roles as before. All I’ve been wrong about, so far, is the month and timing (not my strongest suit). The game can only go on for so long; especially as China is entering a free fall on its economic demise. So don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. You’ll wish you hadn’t if you call it too soon.

      • china stock market took massove hit again despite them creating quick fixes to prop it up. also interest’s rates have gone up slightly in the UK. but arrogant cameron says its a good thing wages rising. trust me the average person with a family to feed or choose rent is not feeling the same here far from it.

      • Have you been hearing about the rise of neo nazis in many countries, including your own?

        I’m very disturbed by this. If your country doesn’t get this under control, they will take over and it will be the end of freedom for the continent for a century or more. Thankfully, there have been push backs, but they need to be stronger. I think Rupert Murdoch may be responsible for this. I did predict he’d try to stage a coup on the royal family and take power for himself. This is something you need to watch out for. Stay alert.

      • Obviously, it’s doomed from the start. Everyone in power acknowledges it, yet they are attempting to implement it anyway…..with no IMF approval and no assurance that Tsipras stays in power. They are out of their minds, but the people are just as crazy as they are. I’ve warned you about this before, but if they don’t get on taking to the streets now, they won’t have another chance to do so in our lifetime. Hope they act quickly. Time is running out.

      • Reaction to China and the Greece electoral uncertainty. I warned you new elections would be volatile. Wait till you see what happens next. This is why I told you not to breathe a sigh of relief just yet. It’s not over yet.

      • Of course CNN is going to say that. Do you really think they are going to risk setting off a panic in the markets? Truth be told, this is not a fluke and this is only just the beginning. It’s only going to get worse from here on in.

      • The markets could rebound this week, but this is a major warning for what is to come. Take it as an omen and prepare accordingly. Don’t allow next week’s unfathomable and faulty rise distract you from the larger picture.

      • just looking over the situation again, it does not look to be that alarming. as for the average working man it is just numbers to them. the only time to be worried is when we see people fighting in supermarkets over food.

      • It matters more than to just rich people; especially anyone with a 401k. However, it’s when the numbers start plunging down to around the 3000 or even 2000 category that you should really panic. That’s when the layoffs occur and that’s when the supermarket fighting happens. I don’t anticipate we’ll see this until late October at the earliest, but the warning signs are there now. The truth has been revealed. It’s time to start preparing accordingly, if you haven’t done so already.

      • so i take it day by day the numbers will start to drop deeper a slow process. i have read about the shemitah, september is meant to be bad. just checked the dow seems to be climbing back but still in red. people are saying manipulation is going on to push it up so quickly.

      • The day by day is actually going to go up for a while. This was a warning of what is to come. Take heed and prepare accordingly.

        September will be bad for more violent and geopolitical reasons. October is when I suspect economic meltdown will really occur.

      • i understand what you are saying, but i am feeling optmistic again. already europe is in the green, and i know what you are saying we would see a pickup. but would the elites really let the markets collapse, just like they would not let go of greece?

      • This is just temporary. Don’t get your hopes up because it is dangerous to do so. If you’re too complacent, you’ll be caught off guard when the main event actually begins in October. Originally, I suspected this would happen in April, but that was kicked down the road. Kicks, by the way, are not failures but preventions and can only be done so many times before it comes up to needing to be fulfilled. There are too many weak variables at this time that are fighting one another that are beyond the control of the elite. Since they will all counteract each other, the markets are doomed to failure. I’m sorry I have to keep saying it, but it’s not going to get any better right away. That is the truth, whether it’s comfortable to hear right now or not.

      • I said it would recover. The crash was a warning for what is to come. Keep on as if it is going to crash so you’re not caught off guard when it actually does.

        A US government shutdown, more Chinese political instability, far right neo nazis taking a grip hold of power in Europe and a flare up in the Russian Ukraine crisis all contribute to the markets plunging in a negative direction. When all of these issues come to the surface at once, it’s doomed for economic recovery. Watch for these things. They are coming to a head in the Shemitah month of September.

      • bad times ahead. now maybe just concidence but the dow finished -204.91 today. this freaked me out notice the three numbers in the middle of those numbers. 15666.44


      • Don’t be surprised if it upswings again until October. That’s mainly what I save to say for now. I’ll let you know if anything changes from the spiritual world.

      • Wow did not expect that Dow finished 600 plus. Someone said this is looking very similar to 1929, drops and big swing gains. The MSM are already saying this blip is over.

      • i was having a conversation with someone today. their view is correction is most likely, the criminal fed and central bank will no way allow a crash to occur. i am not sure????grr

      • There will be a crash. They can’t hold this off forever. I said they’d rebound (and they did), but this is the last time they will ever be able to do so. When it swings down again in October, it will plunge into depths not seen in the history of the market place. Sad indeed.

        Also, Alex Tsipras said he sold out the Greek people because the only other option was grexit and civil war. With his resignation, it’s inevitable that this is the end result for Greece. He just delayed the inevitable, not stopped it all together. Sad for them. I hope they are ready to fight back when the time comes to do so.

      • i just can’t help it but optimistic mood keeps flowing through me. another solid finish for the dow, plus oil prices are starting to move up again and gold down.

      • False sense of security. That’s a very bad sign. Just watch for September. You won’t feel this way in two months time.

      • fair comment. but i am still sure that this was just a major correction. tell you what if something happens before november then i am wrong. if nothing happens then the correction is proven.

      • From 1929:

        Ben Karol, Former Newspaper Delivery Boy: My father and I had an ongoing discussion about the stock market. And I used to say, “Pop, everybody’s getting rich but you. You know, you work so hard and you’re never going to make a nickel. All you do is you keep delivering these newspapers and that’s about it. The guy who’s shining shoes is in the stock market, the grocery clerk is in the stock market, the school teacher’s in the stock market. The teller at the bank is in the stock market. Everybody’s in the stock market. You’re the only one that’s not in the stock market.” And he used to sit and laugh and say, “You’ll see. You’ll see. You’ll see.”

        Two months later, the greatest collapse in world history occurred.

        Sound familiar, Simon? It almost sounds like you. You’d be wise to take heed of these words from over seventy five years ago. If you’re not careful, they will be as applicable today as they were at the time of the 1929 collapse. You have been warned….again.

      • On a related subject i noticed this today:
        Thousands of HSBC customers in UK not paid after IT glitch – @BBCNews, @HSBC_UK_Help

        and now their website is down.

        The thing is there have been quite a lot of these so called glitches with UK banks over the past couple of months, not just the HSBC.

        Your thoughts?

      • Separate hacking issue. Unrelated to the major economic problems in the UK. That will resolve itself on its own, but shows that banks are vulnerable to cyber robberies. They’ll want to watch for that. Certainly not good for customers who want their wealth protected.

      • fair enough. just watching the dow is in the red again and europe not by massive amount but still there. big swing from green highs. but the crash is not hitting the little man yet that has noting to do with thestockmarket. just seems very quiet at the moment.

      • One of the major signs of an upcoming collapse is market volatility. The fact that it has been swinging so wildly over the past few days is a very bad sign. Watch for October. That’s when this all comes to a head.

      • notice how all the MSM is saying everything is awesome. also i think peeps in UK will freak out trash tv might be tge least of the problems. i cannot see osbourne n cameron handling this well butaccording to osbourne the uk economy is strong enough to cope.

      • Now this sounds like someone is hiding something:

        BREAKING: China’s Public Security Ministry announced to have arrested 197 people for “spreading rumours” about stock market & #TianjinBlast

        MORE: Chinese Gov has shut down 165 web accounts for “spreading rumours” about “recent market turmoil”, #TianjinBlast & other major events

      • The refugee crisis absolutely does have an effect on the economy and I’ll explain what at another time.

        As for CERN, you’ll have to ask our writer Fefe about that. She knows more about this than I do.

      • Regarding Cern: the facts are not good. 1. The goals of this machine are to open a black hole, open a portal, discover the ‘god particle.’ 2. It has links to pagan Apollo, Shiva, Horus, Cernunnos, Molech all which suggest ‘the destroyer, 3. If you consider Biblical/Enoch warnings they suggest that fallen angels (the ones that came down and had sex with women and produced the Giants which is the reason for the flood- Nephilim) are in a pit and one day a ‘portal’ will open which releases them and it isn’t a hard jump to consider that perhaps demons have inspired this technology for very sinister purposes, 4. The head of Cern himself said they might open a portal and something will come out of it or we might put something into it, 5. one day, maybe in September, this project will be successful. 6. It is interesting that nearly no one seems to focus on it or discuss it much, except a few people like Steve Quayle and other religious minded intelligent ones who almost seem divinely inspired to call out against it, 7. I am not a scientist and have a hard time really understanding the science behind it but it sounds crazy and disturbing to me from what I do understand. 8. The Logo for Cern looks like 666

      • Thoughts on this?, freaky bad weather ahead?

        Map: 1st time in history that 3 major hurricanes simultaneously in Pacific east of International Dateline – @NHC_Pacific

      • If you go back to my previous blog posts, you’ll see I wrote that the most devastating Hurricane this season will be Fred. It was in 2009 and it will this year as well. I wish the national weather service would have named it something else. Yikes.

        Did you get Fefe’s CERN explanations? She wants to know if she answered all of your questions.

      • I’m afraid of a hurricane hitting Texas. It has been 30 years since a giant monster one and Texas in under fire right now very badly. Hurricanes as weather weapons….? Horrible. I hope I’m just afraid and it doesn’t happen but it is good to prepare. What is with the ‘500 days to end climate chaos” that ends on September 23 and why are the Pope and Obama acting like climate chaos is a military issue… weapons I think…..I had a nightmare yesterday about smart dust too. YUCK.

      • I was checking over the shemitah again, but i think it is being hyped up too much just like the 2012 thing all over again which turned out to be a dud.

      • 2012 wasn’t as much of a dud as you think it was. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it was the end of the recovery that started in 2009. From there, the last three years have seen economic uncertainty and volatility that has resulted in where we are today. It has more significance than many will want to give it, but like with 2012, it’s not the end of the world either, just a period of downfall and collapse.

      • they said the only reason china stock market in the last hour shot up to the green. was basically the gov came in because they have a miltary parade this coming week. and the china issue may be more broader then first thought. china also starting to sell of US treasury bonds i dont know if that is good or bad.

      • None of this is good, especially since it’s not the only thing. I feel a bit like a broken record, but this is mainly a game of hot potato. One thing will be blamed, but all of the things that came before it had a large role to play in the upcoming collapse. That’s the gist.

      • The optimistic mood has returned again, the Dow is a bit down today so are Europe markets but. Please see below, this is the way out of the Crises in China. To be honest seems to be the China issue that everyone is watching but there is light at the end of the tunnel and this is it.

        BREAKING: 50 China brokerages will jointly contribute 100 bln RMB capital to gov margin finance agency to start “new round of market rescue”

      • “On October 29, 1929, William C. Durant joined with members of the Rockefeller family and other financial giants to buy large quantities of stocks to demonstrate to the public their confidence in the market, but their efforts failed to stop the large decline in prices.”

        Sound familiar?

      • fair point, i was watching the dow live it ended down around 460ish points. to be honest i have to admit i was shocked by within a second it would drop 10 points then another second go up then down again. also noticed where the pump protection team stepped in. desperate to keep it below 500. they are saying reason for world drops today is because china industrial output has dropped by a certain amount. and the world economy has not grown as much as they thought. basically we did not see this coming routine.

      • They didn’t though, that’s not a lie. They were told all about this, but they refused to listen. That’s to their loss and not ours.

      • I was reading some articles this morning, one basically was saying it would several years for a economic collapse to happen, but i assume it all started back in 2008?. Also the mainstream media is still running the line of “Everything is awesome” line, surely they will start to admit in drips and drabs soon we are near collapse. A lot of alternative economist are comparing the same trend what is happening at the moment to 1929. I fear that the self entitled society of today will be ill prepared for what you say is coming in October. The latest phone and trash TV is most peoples lifeline. What are your thoughts?.

      • i havr just checked and the asian markets are looking pretty healthy in the green. so far no sign of this smiteah thing. i am confused as i cannot see where this crash is coming from.

      • after carefully looking intothis further i can safely say in my opnion there will be no big crash. just watching china stocks now they are well in the grern for secobd day in a row the situation has now been brought undet control.

      • hmmm makes you wonder jist checked japan stocks now in the green. and i assume chinas will be tomorrow. it will be because of this miltary parade on thursday for ww2. you can bet the rest of the world will be green too. so obvious the markets are rigged.

      • now interesting again the dow is set to open in the green today, this is insane. but the worst thing is the figures are up and down by 20 etc within two seconds. like you say i have a feeling there will be a massive drop this month. September is looking bad already even if it is day two now. i wonder when the mass layoffs start?.

      • Technically, it doesn’t start until Tuesday. Tomorrow is August 31st. It can be an important day or an uneventful one. Not in relation to the crashed economy, but the female death prediction I wrote about earlier this month. Look out for it and watch the news out of the VMA’s tonight. Someone might die tragically who will leave a void in American and World music forever.

      • This crash is still questionable, just watching the DOW now it is at -100.12 with just under an hour to go, plus oil has crept up to 48.69. I am trying to see where this big drop will come from.

      • Markets down again today Dow is -120 at the moment not that bad so my optimistic mood is still here. I just can’t see where these drops in the thousands are going to come from.

  1. a lot of people on twitter not happy they not been paid, to me this is a small glimpse of chaos when something fails n the banking system. if this crash does happens i assume we will see anger thousand times more. also some people are saying will make 1929 look like a picnic. i would have thought a crash is an overnight thing, appears not the case

    • It is an overnight thing, but the lead up is not. The fact that people in the UK are already starting to freak out is a very bad sign indeed.

      Word to the wise: If you haven’t already taken out a few thousand pounds for emergency money, then I really suggest you do so; preferably today. Just letting you know so you’re prepared for when it comes. 😉

      • It could prolong a major meltdown, but if they raise it, then they’ll have to lower it again and it will just prolong this inevitable agony. It could also backfire if the public is fed up and revolt. However, I don’t see this charade holding up for much longer and doubt a fed rate hike is in the cards. The piper will have to be paid very soon.

  2. but saying that if the iran deal goes through there will be no crash as the only reason for the deal is to prop up the dollar. it is not about nukes.

    • 1) There may be no Iran deal approval in the US. Every country in the P5+1 nations could overwhelmingly approve it, but if the US Republicans sustain their disapproval votes in the senate and house, none of those other countries matter because the US will have single handedly sabotaged the deal immediately leading to World War 3.

      2) Saudi Arabia and Israel may not even uphold the deal and unilaterally bomb Iran anyway. If they think the deal is a threat to their reign in the region, they’re just going to do as they damned please.

      I have much to say on this (some I already have…if you would have read my previous blog posts), but there’s other things to write as well; particularly in regards to the refugee crisis in Europe and the rise of far right nationalism around the world. Watch for it. It’ll answer many of the questions you may be having at this time. 😉

      • Regarding the refugee crises, i have noticed that full force in the media. It seems the situation has exploded in france,greece, etc.
        Do you think that will add to the economic crises?, i think it will. In my mind at the moment it feels the whole world seems to becoming to a grinding halt.

    • I didn’t see your comments about the UK MSM earlier. Sorry about that, it went to my spam folder by accident.

      It’s true. Everyone is living in la la land, not realizing how devastating things are going to get in the very near future. It’s really sad. As you know, I’ve really tried to warn people, but they just aren’t listening. I’m nervous about how unprepared people are going to be for when shit hits the fan. This is not a good sign and I wonder how positive our future is going to be if everyone is unarmed and unalarmed by what is happening around the world. I don’t want to write a vision revision just yet, but I’m getting a very bad feeling that I can’t shake off. I was optimistic that our world would see liberation in the near future, but dare I say people may not be ready for it? Hard to say, but I’ll leave that as is for now and hope things change in the near term future. If it doesn’t, my initial trajectories may be very wrong and we’ll be having an unhappily ever after in the not so distant future. Pray this doesn’t happen. It won’t be pretty if it is allowed to occur.

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