Americans Plea to the World; Help Us Avoid Government Camps


I warned about FEMA/Re-education concentration camps years ago and everyone laughed.  Our public education system doesn’t teach about how we had Japanese American Citizens rounded up and put into camps after the bombing of Pear Harbor.  So, history warns of a precedent of our government to create unjust camps.  The government has already created such concentration camps.   Now, our leaders and media are announcing if we disagree with Obama or anything that our government does they will gather up Americans and toss us into concentration camps.  Perhaps this is what all those coffins are for too?  Hillary has already set the stage for ‘fun camps’ for adults so looks like if you disagree with Hilary then you get to go to a camp.  They certainly spy on us and collect data and make lists so they are ready to roll out the camps.  This is not conspiracy any more than if the Jews would have feared a camp and been called conspiracy theorists.

I’m sure when they round people up there will be so much fear in the air that some people will stand down.  DO NOT FOLLOW THESE UNJUST ORDERS, be Oath Keepers if you are in law enforcement or the military.  On behalf of Americans I beg the citizens of the world to notice this and help us avoid it and come to our aid promptly when they do this Nazi like red flag concentration camp nightmare.  Remember their ‘self radicalized’ lone wolves are people who believe in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and know their rights!  These are the ‘radical terrorists’ they discuss, not ISL.  NO, ISL is on their side. Obama even said it.  TERRORISTS are defined as anyone who gets in the way of the NWO agenda.

Please watch:

#POS Wesley Clark the Nazi

NWO Paid Government Troll Example @VoteMurdochOut Twitter


I just observed a paid government troll in action against our website.  Check out @VoteMurdochOut on Twitter.  They are pro-carbon tax (Al-Gore), pro-Queen of England (Nazi), pro-vaccine (Eugenics), Anti-Texas…so obviously a NWO paid employee.  What is hilarious is they only have 200 followers and they look like bots.  Further, it isn’t enough that no one is looking at what they are writing, let us notice that they say our site is copying some other site.  Hey, that other site, the Vine Psychics, I’ve NEVER HEARD OF and on their site is no record of my computer ID.  LOLOL Who are they, with their minimal followers?  Sheesh, I don’t know whom they are and can’t be bothered to google.  If we do share the same predictions it is because we see the same, not because one copied the other unless they copied us because I can say for sure I don’t know who the crap they are.  If that makes me oblivious that is ok I don’t follow any psychics except my friends who message me on a regular basis.  I don’t even read Liam’s predictions until he posts so I don’t get influenced!!  The evidence for any thinking person is clear, this is a paid government troll and they push a clear NWO anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-intellectual, idiotic and satanic agenda.  Glad they don’t like us, wouldn’t want them to align with us.  Thanks for confirming us.  GUESS WHAT?  WE ARE NOT ENDORSED BY SATAN.  Yipee.

Repression of The True Human Potential By EVIL


The NWO has chosen to chemically attack the human pineal gland, a gland that most people don’t know matters so very much to the human experience.  They work to suppress humanity, our knowledge of whom we are, what we can do, our powers, our reality, our origins, our true essence.  However, there are people among us, immune to their brainwashing, just like a percentage of people will survive a disease for whatever reason.  Their most heinous attack is, in my opinion, on our pineal gland’s through chemicals like fluoride which calcify it and render it inactive.  Can you not sleep?  This is most likely a pineal gland issue.  Do you dream?  IF not, your pineal gland is messed up.  Are you always hot or always cold, never the right temperature?  That is the pineal gland.

I should know, I got meningitis as a young adult and then had an abnormal brain scan that showed my Pineal gland was three times the size it is supposed to be.   Turns out, I have scientific proof my abnormally huge pineal gland is three times bigger than most people and it isn’t cancer or a cyst, just a genetical abnormality.  I have so called ‘royal’ blood in my bloodline, is this what the royals hide, among other things?  I know, for a fact, the abnormal pineal gland causes an ability to see things others might not.  I think it is criminal that the NWO attacks the pineal gland of everyone through chemicals.  Yet, how many of us are abnormal, they can’t even find us…..they don’t know whom we are and what we see, consider that, you NWO.

How to Find Us, If we are Shut Down

Hello Readers,

In the event of the NWO censor trolls shutting down our site, we will return.  You will find us by Googling LIAM and FEFELOVE KNOW THE NEXT or KNOW IT NEXT OR KNOWING NEXT OR some variation which is obvious.  We will not be stopped we will persist in our dedication to our visions of the truth, liberty and human rights until we can no longer physically persist.  We will be here, you will find us.  Just like Anonymous.  We have enough authors, even oversees, we will continue.  Just look for us, you will find us.  xx FEFELOVE

Eugenicist NWO Queen Elizabeth’s Nazi Salute


I just want to point out that the recent articles about the Queen Elizabeth’s Nazi Salute are further evidence that our predictions about Eugenics NWO Agenda 21 are, in fact, correct.  It has recently come to our attention that our site is under attack from government trolls and we want to thank you for confirming our validity.  Anyone who stands against the NWO is attacked as “fake” “psycho” “conspiracy” and we want to say thank you for validating our site, you little trolls.  This kind of validation makes us more popular and lends to our credibility.  If we were not attacked, something is wrong,  in our opinion.  No matter what happens the NWO can’t change the writers on this site, what is in us, what we see and we expose truth for the sake of liberty and human rights.  We are PLEASED WE UPSET YOU, NWO.  YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL.

Our Website is Under Attack


Before I make the following rant, I would like to send a shot out to News 22nd on Twitter for sharing some of our articles with their followers. We really appreciate you spreading the word around. Thank you very much. 🙂

With that out of the way, Fefe and I have been having discussions lately about certain profiles on Twitter who have been attacking us. She has been under siege and our entire website has been attacked; sometimes by psychics of prominence. Being called scammers without a consideration of reality is insulting, but we also understand that it comes with the territory. We get that there were problems with plagiarism on the original website as anyone could post their predictions and some outright stole it from other people. However, the original owners weren’t exactly the most ethical people and we have since moved to distance ourselves away from their poor behavior. Fefe and I were not the owners of the original website. We were the highest rated psychics on the website, but we weren’t the only ones who were on the original platform. A creepy couple was ultimately responsible for moderating the content and they have since been moved out of the picture.

This is the first, and only, website that we are under the direct control of exclusively. We stand by all of our predictions. When we make amazing assessments, we always showcase them on update blog posts. When we are wrong, we acknowledge that. When we aren’t exactly wrong, we showcase why that was the case and how free will and human information can alter events in different ways. That’s more than we can say for some of our critics; especially those who label us scammers and don’t have the decency to acknowledge when they’ve failed on predicting what was an ultimate inaccuracy from their own unfulfilled insights. That they would attack us and not acknowledge their own transgressions is an entirely ridiculous fill of blatantly obvious hypocrisy. This all comes with the territory of being psychics with prominence, but we are also human beings and words can hurt regardless of how much we understand this truth. Although this is the reality we live in, there does come about where emotion can make you feel bad when all you are doing is trying to change the world for the betterment of humanity.

No matter what anyone says, we will continue to speak truth to power. It is our obligation to make things right and to use our gifts to advance peace and prosperity throughout the world. We will continue to point out what is happening in the universe and offer our intuitive insights into where our universe is going. Those who direct attacks on us better take care to clean up the skeletons hiding in their closets. No one likes it when those who use labels towards others end up having their own dirt come out in the open for all of us to see. 😉

Middle East Madness


I haven’t written much about the latest developments in the Middle East in recent weeks. Now might be an appropriate time to do so. It’s about to get very deadly, but also very frisky and interesting at the same time.

The Iran deal is probably the most important development coming out of the Middle East at this time. I have written about it before. This is a amazing breakthrough….for failure. This poorly thought out and negotiated arms treaty is doomed to fail from the start. Already, my psychic hunch suggests that Iran is gleefully looking for ways to undermine the nuclear reaction proposals. They are also in conversations with the Russian government about importing weapons; a particular problem since Putin was one of the negotiating leaders in this Iranian nuclear weapons deal. Unfortunately, the alternative to his historic failure is far worse. Israel is not going to be letting these developments advance lightly, though I wish they’d show a little bit of restraint. If they don’t get the US congress to reject adoption of the treaty (not that rejecting it is going to be of much help anyway), then they will assassinate President Obama and/or strike Iran unilaterally leading events to the inevitable start of world war 3. It’s scary thought, considering how much work has been done to try to prevent its arrival. However, desperate measures are taken by very desperate people and that assures that no one around the world is safe from its inevitable wrath.

Speaking of Israel, striking Iran would be strike number three against them. They are already on thin ice in regards to their treatment of Palestinians and of other human rights violations that I’ve mentioned previously. There’s a reason why German Chancellor Angela Merkel did this little publicity hug at a press conference on humanitarian asylum seekers. The Israeli’s have no heart and are brutal towards their neighbors. The Palestinian girl’s return back from Germany means imminent death and disaster for the rest of her short time on Earth. Israel can easily eradicate this problem and stop the refugee crisis throughout the European Union. However, it chooses not to due to their own stubborn insistence on colonial expansion throughout the entirety of the region. By eradication, I don’t mean that the Israelis want to kill all the Palestinians alive in the Gaza strip. However, by making peaceful co-existence a near impossible task, they shut down all efforts forming from a fruit of labor and love in trying to find a solution for the never ending crisis. It’s not too late to change course, but time is running out. I have high doubts that common sense will prevail in their nation as their leaders, primarily their soon to be asylum seeking Benjamin Netanyahu, are as stubborn as Canada’s Stephen Harper.

While disaster may be imminent in Israel, the situation isn’t better in any of the neighboring countries. Saudi Arabia, Israel’s new ally in its fight against Iran, is already doomed to rubble due to corruption and moral decay. They may have had a hand in the 9/11 attacks and more information on that will be released in the 28 censored pages on the 9/11 commission. There is a famous prophet who wrote about a time where Arabs and Israeli’s would join together to fight the armies of Iran. That day may be coming in a matter of a few months time. Stranger developments have been known to come about.

Meanwhile, Kabul, Afghanistan and Cairo, Egypt are two neighboring cities that may flare up into world war 3 as well. Even regardless of however Israel decides to conduct themselves, other parts of the continent are on the verge of breaking out into violence that we haven’t seen before. There is very intense violence on the ground in my visions for their respective futures. All it takes is one incident gone awry for the whole region to go up in flames. A friend of mine at New Prophecy has suggested that ISIS may, in fact, be a covert US government operation. Although I have my doubts about that, meetings with Senator John Mccain and their high tech equipment and luxuries suggest some suspicion is warranted. Don’t rule it out past the CIA or the FBI. They have been known to engage in this kind of behavior before. This may stir up trouble in time for the end of this or the following year.

Things are about to take a turn for the worst. The best in the region is yet to come, especially in regards to women’s rights, religious rights and gay and lesbian rights. However, before that is to come, darkness consumes the whole entire region. Radical Islam will strike a dagger into the hearts of men, women and children alike. It will leave behind a region rattled by sectarian violence and ready to reject the karmic corruption of its past. It won’t recover as quickly as the US will, but it will recover eventually. I’ve previously written about what awaits them in the next decade. It’s beautiful and quite a contrast to what we are seeing on the ground today. We even see snippets of this in the present time, though those instances are few and far between. Love wins out in the end. However, for now at least, it’s just the same old misery that will result in more lost lives and tragic endings that have gone on for far too long. The time of envy of Arabs, Jews and Muslims is over. War must yearn for an end to the engagement. Please press for peace and pray for it as well. The world needs it now more than ever before.

Message about the Importance of True Charity


This dream/nighttime message goes along with the importance of gardening in a new, widespread radical way.  An entity in my dream told me that humanity has failed thus far to achieve charity and we need to radically rethink our charitable practices.  Our current practice of charity as a race is seen as  ineffective, corrupt, selfish and infiltrated by evil intentions.  I’m not going to go into what is wrong with the current systems but rather into what was show to me about how we need to be.

Charity is supposed to be worked into every system of life, every aspect, not just as a part of religion or some sort of social program but because people demand charity as a part of everything they do, buy, celebrate, are….there needs to be a massive reordering of money and not in the direction of socialism but in some way that empowers individuals and really helps them to their potential.  I was shown a ‘CharityPalooza’ type event where a very fun social event is that people go to hotels and each floor has been set up for a different charity and contains famous musicians, artists, crafts people, food sellers etc where it all benefits that cause, and no one is cutting out a monster piece of the pie for self service, using charity for private selfish betterment.  These events were massive and very popular.  Then, it was explained that this is the role of the super elites who own massive hotel property to donate a weekend every now and again to fun and make these sort of events happen.

Further, this is only one tiny aspect of change in our society.  Hoarding of resources goes against charity but the solution isn’t found in any NWO posited government controlled socialism type system which, in the end, will be the opposite of charity because only the super elites will have resources and the rest of the world will end up in a deprived way of life like the hunger games.  This is not the vision intended for humanity (a hunger games scenario).  We need to become obsessed with charity, study and posit a brand new philosophy of charity and have some sort of freedom-charity revolution that empowers and betters individuals around the world.   This is one of the answers to fight the NWO.

I’m not sure I’ve explained this very well but this is the best I can do at the moment with what was shown me.  It seems obvious to me, like the gardening, but implementation depends on the movement of individual actions/intentions.  The NWO’s charity is anti-charity and hoarding just like their freedom is anti-freedom and slavery.  Programs posited by the NWO for the sake of charity seek to eliminate charity in the hearts, minds, society of humanity.  We must discover our true charitable natures as a part of our loving creation and experience true charity as acts of love which transform, empower and spread freedom.

Terrorism in Canada


I wrote a preview of this a few days ago, but I feel the need to explain it more in detail. What I wrote may not have been sufficient enough information, so here is a more elaborate summary of what is going on.

Canada is coming into a period of terrorism. It didn’t seem likely before, as they happen to stay out of harms way for the most part. However, it has now arrived on the heels of some very disastrous choices that the Canadian government has made on behalf of their citizens. There are concrete steps they can make to assure safety prevails, but if they fail to take heed of my warnings, they may soon live to regret not making these proper choices come about sooner than they’d prefer to enact them. There’s a fire approaching and this what is happening that needs to extinguished immediately. Before it burns too deep, action must be taken.

The recent attempts at repeal of the COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) law as a result of an unconstitutional World Trade Organization arbitration ruling will bring anarchy as a result of the corresponding backlash over the next several months. When I first read about this, visions of 1999 Seattle WTO protests popped up into my head. This is not a good omen. To sum up (as the mainstream media rarely makes any mention of this NAFTA inspired event anymore), anarchists showed up to the headquarters in protest of this global trade tribunal and were subjected to massive brutality that resulted in millions of settlement dollars and the establishment of conspiracy theories that have been more than validated over the last several years. They were right in their complaints back then and it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt now as a result of hard hitting journalism and bravery of whistleblowers around the world. State sovereignty is at risk as more trade deals are implemented undemocratically and against the will of the people. Canada ought to respect that principle as violations of their own sovereign laws could easily come about in retaliation to their imminent decision of imposing tariffs on US imports as a result of this ruling. To think there would be no consequences for fighting this law in a non US court that has done no conceivable harm to their manufacturing is outrageously naive. They could, and should, drop their appeals now, along with those of the collaborative Mexican government. This situation is only going to get worse unless concrete steps are made to overthrow the tyrants in unelected positions of power. They are making revolution inevitable and it’s vicious; never a pretty thing to behold.

The recent death of an Anonymous member by the royal mounty police will also set off sparks and make matters worse for the safety of many Canadian citizens. The group is not happy with the police killing of one of their own in cold blood. They have been known to cause massive damage when they are personally effected by an action of power. Whether it’s shutting down the stock market or hacking into high end military facilities, the actions of Anonymous’ leaders are never a lightly decided action. Activist retaliation will follow in collaborative correspondence; some of it being of a deadly proportion. I could easily see a bomb set off at an oil or farm facility that made this trade agreement such a fuss in 1999. I could also see an extremely prominent computer hacking at the royal mounty police department and/or their world trade organization offices that shuts down operations for months on end. There’s all sorts of ways for them to engage in extreme forms of terrorism that could cause massive damage and cause millions, possibly billions, of losses from coming property damage. This is not a group to mess with because God may have protected them from harm that can be sent against them. Unless an arrest of the officers in the shooting is imminent, and the trade deal enforcement is thrown off for now, things are about to take a tragic turn for the worst; one that Canada’s citizens will very much live to regret.

All of this comes on heels of supreme court digressions, police brutality shown by the royal mounty police at student protests and major anti-BDS legislation rammed through the parliament without a public debate. Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, may have wanted to show he’s a tough man, but he’s actually a small and insecure little child. However much some in his cabinet try to reason with him, he is a stubborn man and does not give up so easily. Through a serious of events, his ego will deflate and he’ll become the emperor without any clothes. The police state many worry about in the US and Europe has quietly made its way to Canada as well. Unless there is enough noise to end this non violently, then terror may be the only way to strip the tyrants from their royally granted thrones. It’s not a good ending to behold, trust me when I say this now. However, those who thought no one would care about what the Canadians are up to at this time of worldwide crisis will soon be taken to task for their ignorance. Trust me when I say they will have wished they heeded these words of caution earlier before it was too late to do so.

The Death of a Third Mario

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.44.22 PM

As I have written previously, there have been two political deaths this year of men named Mario. The first was former New York Governor Mario Cuomo in January and the second was the death of former congressman Mario Biaggi in June. Deaths happen in threes, so which Mario may be the third to be taken from us this year? As I have done some research, I have narrowed it down to two likely contenders. The first, as I’ve mentioned previously, is the ECB (European Central Bank) President Mario Draghi. With the chaos ensuing Greece and the entire European Union at this very time, his life may be more at risk than ever before. This isn’t going to end well for him regardless, but assassination may be drawing itself near to him due to his reckless actions on the Euro’s behalf. The second, as I have later discovered, is Congressman Mario Diaz Balart. He’s actually in even more danger now with his fights with Donald Trump making major headlines around the world. Trump attracts a lot of whackos and anyone who may have a problem with Balart’s support for immigration reform may be subjected to a furor that unleashes an assassination on Balart’s life. Either way, one of these two men, or perhaps another man I’m not thinking of at this time, is at risk for becoming the third Mario death this year. They may need to watch their backs if they know what’s good for them.