Visions from July 2015

Before I share some visions I have been having, I want to ask for your assistance. The spiritual universe has a principle called mass collective consciousness. This means that, when a lot of people think something, it is more likely to occur than if one person thinks it alone. I am a spiritually strong person with a high vibrational energy, but even I can get caught up by overweighing negative energy that can suck a lot of that good stuff out of me. As a result, I would like your thoughts to be focused on safety, security and prosperity. I need this energy for protection as there are forces that are looking to attack and I need to fend them off any way that I can. Thanks for your support in advance. I’ll really appreciate it when it works. 🙂

With that out of the way, here are some visions I’ve had over the last several nights.

I had a vision of a commune where everyone was bartering and waiting out the transition in the world economy. People huddled together holding on for dear life. This is what I foresaw for what happens when the masses society falls apart. It is good to have skills and products that are barter friendly because you’ll need to rely on this when shit hits the fan so you can survive until our transition comes about.

There was a rally in Paris. Something for an end to the European Union that becomes violent. Watch out for this. As Fefe has made clear, avoid mass protest movements if you can. There’s trouble afoot there and police are looking to capture people to offer them up as sacrifices to the Illuminati. This is happening in the US and also in Europe. Watch out.

Privatization of the police department is something that is being debated. Some think it’s a bad idea and others worry about the ethics in union busting. However, it made for a much more prosperous union and for a society that is accountable to all of the people. This is a discussion that I expect to take place in the near future; maybe in the early part of 2016.

I do feel a sense that a lot of music artists and major entertainers are going to start taking more bold political stands; particularly in regards to economics and women’s rights. Watch out for this as I feel the energy is changing and there’s a rally that follows that fails to fulfill its promises to humanity.

I saw a riot break out at a Donald Trump rally, something with regards to Muslims or race. This is an attempt to take down Trump’s prevalence in the GOP primary, but it only serves to enable his base and watching his prominence grow more over time. He is not the nominee, but somehow I don’t think there’s even a remote chance of a 2016 election. I know some may dispute this, but the election may be called off. This is something that everyone needs to concern themselves with in the near future.

There’s also an attempt on Bernie Sanders’ life in the next few months. Like that of Huey Long in 1935, a man may off him before he can get to the White House. Very sad. This could disrupt the presidential election system and anarchy follows. Not a good end to be seen for anyone.

I’ll share more in the next few days. Hope this helps for now. 🙂

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