A Change of Heart on President Obama….and It’s Not a Pleasant One


Confession time: I’ll admit that I naively supported President Obama at first. When he was running for the presidency in 2007, I really thought that he would be an alternative that would help save my country. However, my foolishness has been exposed over time and now I have turned on the President karmically. Perhaps he always wanted to make the nation a better one, but he has actually made it worse in his fool hardy attempts at making “change” come to America. Things have changed alright. My heart has changed. It’s not going to be pleasant for the president to hear this, but he has failed America and, frankly, the entirety of the world. The last year and a half of his Presidency and life will make his previous struggles seem to pale in comparison. A downfall of an emperor is coming, whether he’ll like to admit it at first or not.

What he promised the world many years ago was placated on a steaming pile of lies and what was fulfilled was empty promises panning out into nothingness. He sold out the masses on many occasions when he was supposed to stand up for the interests of the people. The anti-worker TPP, the expansion of Shell Oil’s destruction on our environment, gun confiscation measures to weaken our national morale, supporting anti-gay leaders around the world despite wanting to promote such rights and cementing economic impoverishment for the masses at large are just some of the many ways that he has made America worse. He’s disingenuous about his intentions and bold in his arrogance in the face of political opposition. The Obama bots, his rabid Twitter supporters, are blind and he’s as equally blind with them to what is really occurring the heartland of America today. The man who he may have always been this way is revealing himself to us. It is of an emperor mold and it makes me scared, mad and angry. When all of his tricks are revealed, I suspect his decline with come around that point in time.

Much of the positives that have came as a result of his presidency really came as a result of the hard work of many other people besides the President. He takes credit for things he didn’t make, as his “you didn’t build that” gaffe shows. Marriage equality, ending some of the wars (but making news ones instead), stopping Keystone XL’s progress (but not entirely), an affordable health care plan (that makes insurance pariahs richer) and pushing diplomacy as an optimal means of negotiation are more the works of other people then of this President. All of the gaffes and backstab he has made start to counteract any positives that he has had a hand in implementing. The good vibes are not enough to counter the cumulative negative of many of his policies. This is going to become evident in the many months from now, but he will not make much of a successful effort to defend what isn’t defensible in his apparently negative legacy. It will not help when many things we don’t know about now are revealed and he starts squirming in his press conferences more than he is today.

I really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt early on. I know the safety of his family was an important factor in making many hard decisions, but he needed to realize that it comes at the cost of the safety of millions of other families across the United States. He made a choice and sacrifice of his life in order to become the president and it comes with many personal and professional costs. If he’s not willing to incur those losses of guaranteed safeguards on his protection and privacy, then his life is on a collision course with the world around him. Very soon, the bubble will burst. No matter how hard Janet Yellen and others try to keep this facade alive, it’s being revealed for the fraud that it is and the investor class are sighing a defeat in inevitability. Watch this prelude to an inevitable downfall for the President in the very near future. Unfortunately for him, his ill advised behavior on one too many occasions is going to catch up with him and make him wish he had changed his ways sooner.

President Obama’s is going to fall apart and there will only be one person who can be blamed for it; and that is himself. Mass anger will come in the interim to the fall from street protests and calls for impeachment by many types of citizens. He will claim that this is a growth product of right wing fanaticism, but many of his major leftist allies will come out against him as well. They already have on numerous occasions and those will certainly not be the last. He’ll lose control of congress, he’ll have many warnings for a 9/11 repeat in the late summer or fall that he’ll fail to heed, he’ll have more of these types of interruptions at events which he will react poorly to and he will watch as the #BlackLivesMatter movement makes the bold decision to come to terms with his inevitable failure as a President for black civil rights issues and as a man in his personal and professional dealings. He may even see an assassination attempt on his life in the midst of this anger, but it may fail because the most dangerous time in his life is now over. That shock may be enough to have him admit defeat and resign from office, but nothing is to be assured. It could come at the hands of citizens arrest as well, but that is up to the masses to decide. All I know is that he has no other chances at redemption left, so suggesting he can turn this around is a doomed effort from the start. The time has come to pay the piper and he will make the man pay for his deception of humanity.

I find sorrow in watching what is going to happen to the President, but unfortunately it’s coming to that point in his amazing karmic revenge. I wish the very best for humanity as this is all sorted out and hope others won’t get hurt as a result of his own self handed and made from irresponsibility defeat.

8 thoughts on “A Change of Heart on President Obama….and It’s Not a Pleasant One

  1. A well written piece Liam, thank you. I think most people feel the same way. High hopes in the beginning, but now after almost two office runs, it has been replaced by disappointment.

    I have been reading about the downfall of someone high in office, a world leader, (some even spoke that this would be due to his erratic behavior and that that was the reason for his removal) on other outlets as well.

    There has been talk about his impeachment before (2013 and 2014), but these time lines ran out. It seems that now there is a really narrow time line given for a possible impeachment/citizens arrest. Do you have any insight in what will come to light that will bring him down? Who will succeed him?
    What if those things are not brought to light? I guess the democratic party candidate would have to deal with this then, but I feel that if the Democrats win next year, then something is really off. Not that a Republican candidate would be any better, but I can’t imagine that after this President, the majority of the American people would chose to have the Democrats running the country for another four years. Just my 2 cents.

    Thank you for your constant feed of information, even though I don’t comment very often, I really appreciate the fact that you are putting yourselves out there and trying to shed light on things from a different perspective.

    Blessings and take care ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve written about this before in previous blog posts, but I have said that revolution/civil war is inevitable and the country will split off into fractured nations that have new forms of governance. You can see this in the unrest in the streets and from the rise of the confederacy states. All of this will go down by the end of the year. Keep an eye out for it. Things are going to dramatically change for the worst before they can get better again.

  2. A vision of the scene came to me from Antony and Cleopatra when the Roman gaurd said…..all hail Antony and poured his cup of wine into the ground….his troops were about to abandon him in a fight…….they had lost all faith in him

    1. Very much possible here. That’s a pretty accurate assessment of the situation in the white house. Good catch of a vision. ๐Ÿ™‚

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