Nightmare About Selling Baby Parts


I had a massively disturbing dream where someone was showing me scenes regarding the true extent of the worldwide underground black market of baby parts.  In my dream I learned that the recent Planned Parenthood videos which expose the selling of baby parts from abortion is only the tip of the iceberg of what will be exposed.  This is what I dreamed, in five simple highlights:

1. That the Planned Parenthood baby sales are worse than the videos portray thus far, that they are sometimes alive, that there are hidden abortions from sex trafficking of children and exploited women which make up a huge contribution of sales and are part of this evil system.  That there are links to satanic cults and all sorts of companies where they sell the parts for a variety of things including make up, rituals, food, science experiments, transplants, etc.

2. That there are many other organizations which sell baby parts on the side, secretly.  Public and private hospitals, doctors and clinics worldwide.  Some of these are aborted babies.  Some are DNC/ miss carriages.  Some are the unborn baby left behind when the mother dies of some other cause like a car wreck or a cancer/health problem that didn’t effect the baby’s cells.

3. Some of these sales of baby parts are babies that are full term or viable.  Some are kept alive and purposefully sold instead of adopted or kept alive for the family.  When the corrupt doctors/clinics get money for the baby parts and have to make a choice about the treatment they just might choose to lie and sell the baby instead of try to save it for the family.

4. In some countries mothers are attacked and the baby is stolen from their womb and sold.  This is a growing cabal movement of trafficking and selling baby parts worldwide.

5. The person explaining this to me in my dream wanted me to explain my dream to others and call for worldwide whistle blowers to come forth with more information/videos to expose the truth of this.  We need to understand that this is wrong, it is worse than we understand and it needs to end.  The babies are being exploited as parts for money and the mothers are being exploited in so many ways.  This is unjust, painful and wrong.  No tolerance.  I see even those who believe in ‘reproductive rights’ will join together with people holding other views to end the sales of baby parts worldwide.  Sales of baby parts is not an issue relating to abortion ‘rights’ but rather an obvious crime against humanity.  Further, the covert and creepy way that the sale of baby parts is being conducted, hidden and managed through exploiting is just plain wrong.  The mothers are not offered any sort of informed consent.  Further, the late term partial birth (or full birth abortion) (or abortions for children up to age three) is actually motivated by the companies and individuals gaining money from these illegal sales of body parts and they parade around acting like they are doing a service for women, like they are promoting free choices and freedom for women.  The money trail tells all and never lies.  Money is the motivation.  Behind the money lurks the dark figure of Satan that enjoys the suffering of small children.

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  1. The recent news makes one get the feeling that adoption was so difficult because there was other plans for the babies. Could the red tape be a distraction to improve the supply to the abortion industry?

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