The Crisis in South America


I haven’t really written about this topic all that much and I really needed to sooner. We have a lot of South American viewers and I haven’t posted much content for them to read up on. I apologize for that and I have been meaning to make this blog post for a while. Now is my opportunity to do so and I actually have quite a lot to say on the matter at hand.


For those who are sympathetic to the governments of countries in South America, I would advise you to take a closer look at what is really going on here. Despite the appearances of a collective society where everyone is taken care of, the truth is the furthest thing from that reality possible. A culture that claims to be democratic, but is actually tyrannical, simply cannot stand. Mass poverty, drug lords, persecution of dissenters, shortages on necessities and police brutality are some of the most common occurrences in many nations all across the South American continent. Whether it is the brutal dictators of Venezuela murdering political dissidents or its empty shelves, the manifestations of a fantasy are burst when we see the reality for what it really is. Argentina and the like are rotted to the core due to a willing public subjugating their rights for the collective good.


As a result of many decades of economic stagnation and rebellion amongst the masses, many South American leaders will be overthrown and assassinated. Many nations will have major regime changes coming in their own midst; some from US intervention and others from similar forces permeating on the ground as we speak. Nicolas Maduro, Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner, Dilma Rousseff and Michelle Bachelet are some of the most vulnerable leaders that are in power that are targets for assassination. They will all suffer from breaks in the economic hegemony that come in October that leave the masses on the ground poorer, starving and fed up with corruption. They will take to the streets and be subjugated to further police brutality and unrest as a result of this downward economic turn. This will light of the streets of many nations and from this will come revolution for a short period of time. However, Pope Francis and other leaders will call for calm and it will come relatively soon after the unrest fires mass bombs and bullets across the nations. When this happens, recovery can begin in jest. This will not be nearly as unravelling as it will be across the world, but the sight will not be pretty to behold nonetheless.


I have never advocated for full out socialism because of stuff like this. Very communistic regimes will falter as unrest grows. As much as we dream of a day that everyone is equal, the truth of the matter is that society cannot flourish with everyone being seen as entirely “equal.” If we do not reward innovators, then they will not innovate. This leaves us with a lack of progress in many areas such as social welfare, medicine, technological achievement and scientific breakthrough. This isn’t to say that we must not address the societal ills that we are dealing with. That’s why the implementation of the morally sound “social code” for the 1% must be made into an international affair. This is to say that, as much as we make ground to improve things, the realistic truth is that inequality will always be with us. To live as entire equals is to see society fall apart due to social rebellion and resistance to change. This way of living is smart in theory, but turns incredibly corrupt in practice. This is starting to become an accepted reality among the masses, however hard it is for them to come to terms with this truth. As much as we idealistically want to promote the values of fairness and togetherness, the truth is survival instincts require that the fittest work its way to the top on our Earth. We can do much to improve society on a more ethical scale, but the truth is that it will only have so much of an effect of eliminating much of the errs we address on our website.


Another important thing to watch out for is mass migration into a number of South American countries. Culturally, an influx of immigrants from the United States will also change the landscape on the ground there. When revolutionaries take over much of the country in the US, wealthy families and loyalists to the federal and state government, like during the aftermath of the American Revolution, will flee to neighboring countries in the hopes of asylum from the masses at home. Brazil is the primary country of choice to assimilate into, but Uruguay and Suriname are countries that receives flocks of North Americans migrating into their nation as well. It’s going to be a rough ride at first due to accusations of colonial invasion and American imperialism. There will be tense stand offs and there may be some riots that correspond around the arrival of the new neighbors. However, much agony will lead from sorry sadness to sweet victory as peaceful coexistence will come about in the far off distant future. It’s for the best, whether some people may realize it at the time or not.

Here are a few other short things to note in the course of the unrest that is coming to many South American nations.


1) Venezuela will be hit economically the hardest. Their leader, Nicolas Maduro, will assassinate many who stir up trouble, but will only end up assassinating himself instead. A nation across the ocean will not have his meddling with their affairs any longer (likely to be Spain or Russia and not the United States) and will order a hit on him in late November or early December. Whether this is a successful plot or not remains to be seen. However, regardless of fatality, it will lead to the end of his tenure as the president. He will not recover from this, try as he might.


2) Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner may also be a major assassination target this year, this time at the hands of the US government. Whether this will happen depends on how fast the FBI acts on their plans to take her out. They may only have a short window of opportunity due to developing unrest looming in the United States. If an August plot goes off without a hitch, then she is dead and the nation of Argentina is destabilized. However, if they fail to take their opportunity or wait until they are unable to do so, then she survives, but will remain a pariah and ultimately overthrown by the masses as a result of her incompetence. Her time as the president remains short and will come to an end by the end of the year.


3) Uruguay will see the least amount of unrest throughout all of this turmoil, followed by Brazil and Suriname. They will have luck recovering at a faster rate than all of the other nations on the continent.


4) Bolivia is a bit of a pariah state and will have much corruption exposed this year. Evo Morales may have wanted to keep this under wraps, but its coming to the surface whether he likes it or not.


5) Finally, the President of Paraguay, Horacio Cartes, may be made to resign after a drug scandal comes out in late October or early November. Not a good thing to watch as he’ll need to keep watch of his nations defenses. There is a vulnerability there that has to be patched up right now. Failure to do so will be devastating for the nation’s citizens.


My ultimate advice for the people of many of these nation is to take up bartering, like the Greeks have, and have plans ready to ride out the transition. Keep food for more than a year and have as many weapons of self defense at the ready as possible. Keep cautious of those who promise you the world and trust those who tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear or what is convenient for you to accept. For the most part, despite a period of turmoil that is to come, the corresponding decades will be a time of prosperity for many South American nations. However, until that times arrives, it will be a dark period in history which the world will not soon forget. If I have anything else to share I’ll post an update at another time. Until then, I hope this information has been helpful for our South American readers. Wishing you the best, as I will for everyone else all around the world as well.

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  1. hello on a slighty different note the media are saying the missing aircraft may have been found that disappered over the indian ocean a year ago. and regarding the uk the channel tunnel is in the news regarding calis.

    1. Sometimes, I wish you’d have a comment that is related to the article I’ve originally posted on, but those wishes can be fulfilled in the future.

      In the meantime, the plane debris is not the MH370, it’s a different plane from a different wreck. Also, the Calais crisis is, in fact, very interesting because it’s almost exactly the same issue the United States is having in regards to the immigration crisis in regards to Mexican border crossings. Very doomed news for those attempting to ask for asylum in the UK. They will not get it and many more will die in trying to seek amnesty there. It’s for the best, whether they may acknowledge it or not.

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