This is an urgent plea for the Obama administration to do the right thing and eliminate gun free zones, especially amid the surplus of terrorist attacks and threats upon our Military recruiting centers and bases.  We have a second amendment right to arms and no one deserves to exercise this more than our young men and women in uniform.  When the five marines died recently the media trolls obviously did not report the obvious connections to ISL.  Obama was too busy writing letters to prisoners to express his public concern and call for the gun free zones to be armed.  O HELL NO, they jump on every opportunity they create to disarm everyone everywhere but in the event that people need to protect themselves after being threatened they just act like ‘hey there is no threat here, don’t be a racist against Islam who wants guns.’  The correct response to all these threats and acts upon our military is a call to arms!! PERIOD.  Where are the trials for those in charge who fail to call to arms to protect our military, within our own borders, from these ISL government created terrorists (Obama supported, according to his own words!)????  I’m very afraid more of our military will die, based on the surplus of increasing threats by ISL.  Is it a coincidence this is happening during Jade Helm?  Kudos to Greg Abbot in Texas who recently called to arm our Texas National Guard.  Obama should follow his example as a leader who is making the correct/good choices for our people to truly protect us against the true terrorists.  Instead, Obama will later stand up and call to disarm everyone to protect us against the terrorists.  However, terrorists like disarmed victims.  They know where to go to find disarmed victims and seek to disarm more people to make more victims.  Well, thanks to Greg Abbot there are a few less gun free zones in Texas for ISL and the NWO to terrorize.  They have to think twice if they want to come after Texans.  Well, rest assured, the ISL terrorists will go to the gun free zones.  It makes sense that Obama does not try to stop their advances on America, because according to his own lips ISL is Obama trained/ funded and armed.  In fact, the only rational explanation for Obama’s lack of responding appropriately to ISL’s attacks/threats on our military is that his response reflects the agenda of the NWO.