Evidence of NWO EUGENICS: Planned Parenthood Selling Dead Babies


I just want to point out that more people are waking up to the fact that the NWO is about eugenics.  One of the great accomplishments of the NWO eugenics program is Planned Parenthood.  The recent disturbing videos which show planned parenthood workers discussing how they want to buy fancy cars after they make loads of money selling baby parts provide more than enough evidence that this is a NWO satanic death eugenics agenda.  Started by the well known eugenicist Margaret Sanger, planned parenthood embodies a eugenics fantasy of death, far more effective than the Nazi’s overt agenda since they sell their program as freedom and woman’s rights.  In this age of disappearing freedom, the NWO promotes the only real freedom as the ability to kill babies, soon up to the age of 3!  They like to keep the babies alive after the abortion and sell the parts.  SEE THIS ARTICLE which shows one of the videos where this planned parenthood demon licks her lips at the thought of selling the dead babies for a car.  Even if you are pro-abortion clearly this is not the vision of women’s rights that the media leads people to think is reality, not to mention the fact that selling baby parts is clearly illegal.

Now, I’m going to say what Obama should say:  #BlackLivesMatter, please end the #Eugenics of #PlannedParenthood and the Satanic selling of baby parts.   Obama, I’m very disappointed that you have not addressed this heinous issue.  At least some wonderful leaders in the African American community help to educate us all about this.  A very good website is BlackGenocide.org, see HERE.  I applaud and support such websites and empowered fighters for justice.  Another example of a hero for this cause is Dr. Alveda King, see here.  When we look back on this age these brilliant African Americans fighting for true human rights will be heroes which stand out and made a huge difference for the betterment of humanity.  Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood and black eugenics will be one of the greatest evils in our human history.


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  1. Sanger’s wish is being fulfilled. I try to get the word out to as many people as I can.

    What is going to be done about the police killing Black men and women??

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