Americans Plea to the World; Help Us Avoid Government Camps


I warned about FEMA/Re-education concentration camps years ago and everyone laughed.  Our public education system doesn’t teach about how we had Japanese American Citizens rounded up and put into camps after the bombing of Pear Harbor.  So, history warns of a precedent of our government to create unjust camps.  The government has already created such concentration camps.   Now, our leaders and media are announcing if we disagree with Obama or anything that our government does they will gather up Americans and toss us into concentration camps.  Perhaps this is what all those coffins are for too?  Hillary has already set the stage for ‘fun camps’ for adults so looks like if you disagree with Hilary then you get to go to a camp.  They certainly spy on us and collect data and make lists so they are ready to roll out the camps.  This is not conspiracy any more than if the Jews would have feared a camp and been called conspiracy theorists.

I’m sure when they round people up there will be so much fear in the air that some people will stand down.  DO NOT FOLLOW THESE UNJUST ORDERS, be Oath Keepers if you are in law enforcement or the military.  On behalf of Americans I beg the citizens of the world to notice this and help us avoid it and come to our aid promptly when they do this Nazi like red flag concentration camp nightmare.  Remember their ‘self radicalized’ lone wolves are people who believe in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and know their rights!  These are the ‘radical terrorists’ they discuss, not ISL.  NO, ISL is on their side. Obama even said it.  TERRORISTS are defined as anyone who gets in the way of the NWO agenda.

Please watch:

#POS Wesley Clark the Nazi