Repression of The True Human Potential By EVIL


The NWO has chosen to chemically attack the human pineal gland, a gland that most people don’t know matters so very much to the human experience.  They work to suppress humanity, our knowledge of whom we are, what we can do, our powers, our reality, our origins, our true essence.  However, there are people among us, immune to their brainwashing, just like a percentage of people will survive a disease for whatever reason.  Their most heinous attack is, in my opinion, on our pineal gland’s through chemicals like fluoride which calcify it and render it inactive.  Can you not sleep?  This is most likely a pineal gland issue.  Do you dream?  IF not, your pineal gland is messed up.  Are you always hot or always cold, never the right temperature?  That is the pineal gland.

I should know, I got meningitis as a young adult and then had an abnormal brain scan that showed my Pineal gland was three times the size it is supposed to be.   Turns out, I have scientific proof my abnormally huge pineal gland is three times bigger than most people and it isn’t cancer or a cyst, just a genetical abnormality.  I have so called ‘royal’ blood in my bloodline, is this what the royals hide, among other things?  I know, for a fact, the abnormal pineal gland causes an ability to see things others might not.  I think it is criminal that the NWO attacks the pineal gland of everyone through chemicals.  Yet, how many of us are abnormal, they can’t even find us…..they don’t know whom we are and what we see, consider that, you NWO.

2 thoughts on “Repression of The True Human Potential By EVIL

  1. I absolutely believe you! I have gone all natural using essential oils in soaps, lotions I make, toothpaste, detergent, etc. The past year my intuition has soared! Not to mention now with my intuitive gifts, I get visions when I sleep of future events. You cant just go organic and gmo free… you also have to eliminate outside toxins… it literally cost me $1.00 to make a gallon of laundry detergent. My clothes are clean, and the kids eczema is gone! I truly believe the fibromyalgia I suffer from is government made. To many people are diagnosed everyday with it. That to I wish I could cure.

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