Eugenicist NWO Queen Elizabeth’s Nazi Salute


I just want to point out that the recent articles about the Queen Elizabeth’s Nazi Salute are further evidence that our predictions about Eugenics NWO Agenda 21 are, in fact, correct.  It has recently come to our attention that our site is under attack from government trolls and we want to thank you for confirming our validity.  Anyone who stands against the NWO is attacked as “fake” “psycho” “conspiracy” and we want to say thank you for validating our site, you little trolls.  This kind of validation makes us more popular and lends to our credibility.  If we were not attacked, something is wrong,  in our opinion.  No matter what happens the NWO can’t change the writers on this site, what is in us, what we see and we expose truth for the sake of liberty and human rights.  We are PLEASED WE UPSET YOU, NWO.  YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL.