Our Website is Under Attack


Before I make the following rant, I would like to send a shot out to News 22nd on Twitter for sharing some of our articles with their followers. We really appreciate you spreading the word around. Thank you very much. 🙂

With that out of the way, Fefe and I have been having discussions lately about certain profiles on Twitter who have been attacking us. She has been under siege and our entire website has been attacked; sometimes by psychics of prominence. Being called scammers without a consideration of reality is insulting, but we also understand that it comes with the territory. We get that there were problems with plagiarism on the original website as anyone could post their predictions and some outright stole it from other people. However, the original owners weren’t exactly the most ethical people and we have since moved to distance ourselves away from their poor behavior. Fefe and I were not the owners of the original website. We were the highest rated psychics on the website, but we weren’t the only ones who were on the original platform. A creepy couple was ultimately responsible for moderating the content and they have since been moved out of the picture.

This is the first, and only, website that we are under the direct control of exclusively. We stand by all of our predictions. When we make amazing assessments, we always showcase them on update blog posts. When we are wrong, we acknowledge that. When we aren’t exactly wrong, we showcase why that was the case and how free will and human information can alter events in different ways. That’s more than we can say for some of our critics; especially those who label us scammers and don’t have the decency to acknowledge when they’ve failed on predicting what was an ultimate inaccuracy from their own unfulfilled insights. That they would attack us and not acknowledge their own transgressions is an entirely ridiculous fill of blatantly obvious hypocrisy. This all comes with the territory of being psychics with prominence, but we are also human beings and words can hurt regardless of how much we understand this truth. Although this is the reality we live in, there does come about where emotion can make you feel bad when all you are doing is trying to change the world for the betterment of humanity.

No matter what anyone says, we will continue to speak truth to power. It is our obligation to make things right and to use our gifts to advance peace and prosperity throughout the world. We will continue to point out what is happening in the universe and offer our intuitive insights into where our universe is going. Those who direct attacks on us better take care to clean up the skeletons hiding in their closets. No one likes it when those who use labels towards others end up having their own dirt come out in the open for all of us to see. 😉


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