Middle East Madness


I haven’t written much about the latest developments in the Middle East in recent weeks. Now might be an appropriate time to do so. It’s about to get very deadly, but also very frisky and interesting at the same time.

The Iran deal is probably the most important development coming out of the Middle East at this time. I have written about it before. This is a amazing breakthrough….for failure. This poorly thought out and negotiated arms treaty is doomed to fail from the start. Already, my psychic hunch suggests that Iran is gleefully looking for ways to undermine the nuclear reaction proposals. They are also in conversations with the Russian government about importing weapons; a particular problem since Putin was one of the negotiating leaders in this Iranian nuclear weapons deal. Unfortunately, the alternative to his historic failure is far worse. Israel is not going to be letting these developments advance lightly, though I wish they’d show a little bit of restraint. If they don’t get the US congress to reject adoption of the treaty (not that rejecting it is going to be of much help anyway), then they will assassinate President Obama and/or strike Iran unilaterally leading events to the inevitable start of world war 3. It’s scary thought, considering how much work has been done to try to prevent its arrival. However, desperate measures are taken by very desperate people and that assures that no one around the world is safe from its inevitable wrath.

Speaking of Israel, striking Iran would be strike number three against them. They are already on thin ice in regards to their treatment of Palestinians and of other human rights violations that I’ve mentioned previously. There’s a reason why German Chancellor Angela Merkel did this little publicity hug at a press conference on humanitarian asylum seekers. The Israeli’s have no heart and are brutal towards their neighbors. The Palestinian girl’s return back from Germany means imminent death and disaster for the rest of her short time on Earth. Israel can easily eradicate this problem and stop the refugee crisis throughout the European Union. However, it chooses not to due to their own stubborn insistence on colonial expansion throughout the entirety of the region. By eradication, I don’t mean that the Israelis want to kill all the Palestinians alive in the Gaza strip. However, by making peaceful co-existence a near impossible task, they shut down all efforts forming from a fruit of labor and love in trying to find a solution for the never ending crisis. It’s not too late to change course, but time is running out. I have high doubts that common sense will prevail in their nation as their leaders, primarily their soon to be asylum seeking Benjamin Netanyahu, are as stubborn as Canada’s Stephen Harper.

While disaster may be imminent in Israel, the situation isn’t better in any of the neighboring countries. Saudi Arabia, Israel’s new ally in its fight against Iran, is already doomed to rubble due to corruption and moral decay. They may have had a hand in the 9/11 attacks and more information on that will be released in the 28 censored pages on the 9/11 commission. There is a famous prophet who wrote about a time where Arabs and Israeli’s would join together to fight the armies of Iran. That day may be coming in a matter of a few months time. Stranger developments have been known to come about.

Meanwhile, Kabul, Afghanistan and Cairo, Egypt are two neighboring cities that may flare up into world war 3 as well. Even regardless of however Israel decides to conduct themselves, other parts of the continent are on the verge of breaking out into violence that we haven’t seen before. There is very intense violence on the ground in my visions for their respective futures. All it takes is one incident gone awry for the whole region to go up in flames. A friend of mine at New Prophecy has suggested that ISIS may, in fact, be a covert US government operation. Although I have my doubts about that, meetings with Senator John Mccain and their high tech equipment and luxuries suggest some suspicion is warranted. Don’t rule it out past the CIA or the FBI. They have been known to engage in this kind of behavior before. This may stir up trouble in time for the end of this or the following year.

Things are about to take a turn for the worst. The best in the region is yet to come, especially in regards to women’s rights, religious rights and gay and lesbian rights. However, before that is to come, darkness consumes the whole entire region. Radical Islam will strike a dagger into the hearts of men, women and children alike. It will leave behind a region rattled by sectarian violence and ready to reject the karmic corruption of its past. It won’t recover as quickly as the US will, but it will recover eventually. I’ve previously written about what awaits them in the next decade. It’s beautiful and quite a contrast to what we are seeing on the ground today. We even see snippets of this in the present time, though those instances are few and far between. Love wins out in the end. However, for now at least, it’s just the same old misery that will result in more lost lives and tragic endings that have gone on for far too long. The time of envy of Arabs, Jews and Muslims is over. War must yearn for an end to the engagement. Please press for peace and pray for it as well. The world needs it now more than ever before.