Message about the Importance of True Charity


This dream/nighttime message goes along with the importance of gardening in a new, widespread radical way.  An entity in my dream told me that humanity has failed thus far to achieve charity and we need to radically rethink our charitable practices.  Our current practice of charity as a race is seen as  ineffective, corrupt, selfish and infiltrated by evil intentions.  I’m not going to go into what is wrong with the current systems but rather into what was show to me about how we need to be.

Charity is supposed to be worked into every system of life, every aspect, not just as a part of religion or some sort of social program but because people demand charity as a part of everything they do, buy, celebrate, are….there needs to be a massive reordering of money and not in the direction of socialism but in some way that empowers individuals and really helps them to their potential.  I was shown a ‘CharityPalooza’ type event where a very fun social event is that people go to hotels and each floor has been set up for a different charity and contains famous musicians, artists, crafts people, food sellers etc where it all benefits that cause, and no one is cutting out a monster piece of the pie for self service, using charity for private selfish betterment.  These events were massive and very popular.  Then, it was explained that this is the role of the super elites who own massive hotel property to donate a weekend every now and again to fun and make these sort of events happen.

Further, this is only one tiny aspect of change in our society.  Hoarding of resources goes against charity but the solution isn’t found in any NWO posited government controlled socialism type system which, in the end, will be the opposite of charity because only the super elites will have resources and the rest of the world will end up in a deprived way of life like the hunger games.  This is not the vision intended for humanity (a hunger games scenario).  We need to become obsessed with charity, study and posit a brand new philosophy of charity and have some sort of freedom-charity revolution that empowers and betters individuals around the world.   This is one of the answers to fight the NWO.

I’m not sure I’ve explained this very well but this is the best I can do at the moment with what was shown me.  It seems obvious to me, like the gardening, but implementation depends on the movement of individual actions/intentions.  The NWO’s charity is anti-charity and hoarding just like their freedom is anti-freedom and slavery.  Programs posited by the NWO for the sake of charity seek to eliminate charity in the hearts, minds, society of humanity.  We must discover our true charitable natures as a part of our loving creation and experience true charity as acts of love which transform, empower and spread freedom.


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  1. hello darling.You had a visit from my higher self or family member. do you remember fefe way way back. what i taught. charity is a sin.Your goal is to be a priest/priestess. i popped in sight and you wrote article next day. You need to calm down and be careful what you publish.Lucky you!

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