The Latest on Greece and the European Union



This is a total and utter disaster. In the efforts of saving a shoddy new world order agenda, the Illuminati are doing everything they can to salvage together a faulty bailout plan. Doomed to fail from the start, it’s going to end in another Greferendum later in the year and send this crisis further down the road to late October or early November. This is really just another kick of the can down the road to an inevitable demise. No one wants to take responsible for what will have to come. It’s sad that they keep prolonging this saga to the outright suffering of the citizens of Europe.

In the interim to the inevitable fall, Tsipras is fiddling as Athens is burning (Note: Nero’s demise was nothing like you’ve read in the history books….I’m going to explain why at another time….it’s never been shown for what it really was….it will soon….trust me when I say this now). This is a cause for alarm as the apathy and ignorance to the message being sent by the arsons will make him enemy #1 to the entire European Union. This is likely to see an assassination forming in the next few months, as I have said before. He really didn’t need to see the of end his life come about this way, but now he’s been pushed into a corner with no other choice but to explode and self destruct. That’s the choice he has made, whether he’ll realize it or not.

If Tsipras is enemy #1, then it is Angela Merkel, another Illuminati sell out, that is enemy #2 of the people. As protests have been brutal in Athens, so too have they been in Germany as well. She had an opportunity to make a stand, but she blew it, and led to some embarrassing publicity for herself along the way. It appears that fatality from a fall down the stairs has been avoided, being transplanted onto former President George HW Bush instead. I had warned that our own FBI spy’s warning may have spelled doom for the Bush family. However, it was not a fatal occurrence and that might actually mean there’s more of a risk to Merkel for this avoidance of a fatality than anything else. The Euro Gods are not happy with her meddling into their affairs. She’s accidentally threatened to open up revolution and they are fuming at her and Schauble’s betrayal to (in their own words) “common sense” proposals. If she crosses the line again during these bailout negotiations, then she’ll be executed by force, with the Illuminati having their hand in her untimely murder. She’s not a likable person, but no one should see their life ended this way.

This is a very narrow window of opportunity for the masses to take arms and fight back. There’s a reason why the elite are so nervous about a revolution. The window is wide, but will soon contract. As the narrative shifts from the left onto the right of the political spectrum, the time for a moment of unity is quickly coming to an end. Take much needed essentials and get ready to stand up for your rights now. You only have a number of months left to do so. Otherwise, the rest of the world will have already revolted as the Europeans and the Greeks will be left behind in debt. Slavery follows, a fate you will never forget. This can be avoided and prevented, but for a limited time only. Take advantage today. This is your final offer for freedom in our lifetime. You have been warned.