Terrorism in Canada


I wrote a preview of this a few days ago, but I feel the need to explain it more in detail. What I wrote may not have been sufficient enough information, so here is a more elaborate summary of what is going on.

Canada is coming into a period of terrorism. It didn’t seem likely before, as they happen to stay out of harms way for the most part. However, it has now arrived on the heels of some very disastrous choices that the Canadian government has made on behalf of their citizens. There are concrete steps they can make to assure safety prevails, but if they fail to take heed of my warnings, they may soon live to regret not making these proper choices come about sooner than they’d prefer to enact them. There’s a fire approaching and this what is happening that needs to extinguished immediately. Before it burns too deep, action must be taken.

The recent attempts at repeal of the COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) law as a result of an unconstitutional World Trade Organization arbitration ruling will bring anarchy as a result of the corresponding backlash over the next several months. When I first read about this, visions of 1999 Seattle WTO protests popped up into my head. This is not a good omen. To sum up (as the mainstream media rarely makes any mention of this NAFTA inspired event anymore), anarchists showed up to the headquarters in protest of this global trade tribunal and were subjected to massive brutality that resulted in millions of settlement dollars and the establishment of conspiracy theories that have been more than validated over the last several years. They were right in their complaints back then and it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt now as a result of hard hitting journalism and bravery of whistleblowers around the world. State sovereignty is at risk as more trade deals are implemented undemocratically and against the will of the people. Canada ought to respect that principle as violations of their own sovereign laws could easily come about in retaliation to their imminent decision of imposing tariffs on US imports as a result of this ruling. To think there would be no consequences for fighting this law in a non US court that has done no conceivable harm to their manufacturing is outrageously naive. They could, and should, drop their appeals now, along with those of the collaborative Mexican government. This situation is only going to get worse unless concrete steps are made to overthrow the tyrants in unelected positions of power. They are making revolution inevitable and it’s vicious; never a pretty thing to behold.

The recent death of an Anonymous member by the royal mounty police will also set off sparks and make matters worse for the safety of many Canadian citizens. The group is not happy with the police killing of one of their own in cold blood. They have been known to cause massive damage when they are personally effected by an action of power. Whether it’s shutting down the stock market or hacking into high end military facilities, the actions of Anonymous’ leaders are never a lightly decided action. Activist retaliation will follow in collaborative correspondence; some of it being of a deadly proportion. I could easily see a bomb set off at an oil or farm facility that made this trade agreement such a fuss in 1999. I could also see an extremely prominent computer hacking at the royal mounty police department and/or their world trade organization offices that shuts down operations for months on end. There’s all sorts of ways for them to engage in extreme forms of terrorism that could cause massive damage and cause millions, possibly billions, of losses from coming property damage. This is not a group to mess with because God may have protected them from harm that can be sent against them. Unless an arrest of the officers in the shooting is imminent, and the trade deal enforcement is thrown off for now, things are about to take a tragic turn for the worst; one that Canada’s citizens will very much live to regret.

All of this comes on heels of supreme court digressions, police brutality shown by the royal mounty police at student protests and major anti-BDS legislation rammed through the parliament without a public debate. Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, may have wanted to show he’s a tough man, but he’s actually a small and insecure little child. However much some in his cabinet try to reason with him, he is a stubborn man and does not give up so easily. Through a serious of events, his ego will deflate and he’ll become the emperor without any clothes. The police state many worry about in the US and Europe has quietly made its way to Canada as well. Unless there is enough noise to end this non violently, then terror may be the only way to strip the tyrants from their royally granted thrones. It’s not a good ending to behold, trust me when I say this now. However, those who thought no one would care about what the Canadians are up to at this time of worldwide crisis will soon be taken to task for their ignorance. Trust me when I say they will have wished they heeded these words of caution earlier before it was too late to do so.

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