Texas Secession UPDATE on Prediction


I’ve been predicting for years about Texas Seceding and a new civil war. I just wanted to log an update on this prediction that polls indicate that over 1/4 of Texans want to secede according to mainstream media, a number I believe is much higher than they report.  I am reading more articles and sense, especially in reaction to Jade Helm, that a growing number of Texans want to secede and this number will only rise.  According to THIS mainstream media article tour groups are lecturing around Texas to gather support for Texas secession and the grand majority of politicians, leaders and loudmouths from Texas are in favor of secession.  Personally, I have observed that this isn’t an intellectual fantasy which dwells mostly in the minds of the educated or professionals but seems to be a passionate desire which burns in the hearts of hard working Texas Citizens in every walk of life.  Texas has been making moves to ensure a better transition like demanding it’s gold from the federal reserve, relocating manufacturers (especially guns/bullets) to Texas, increasing the militias, etc.  Texas has everything we would need to be a thriving  independent country.  In another related article, I read that Putin/Russia desire Texas to secede.  I think Texas could easily make Russia an ally against our enemies.  This might sound like a joke to people outside our state who believe the main stream media’s harassment of Texas, making us out to be nothing more than gun toting, horse riding, tobacco chewing, whiskey slugging, chicken hypnotizing racist idiots but, in fact, this is obviously a gross generalization which is outright wrong.  The Texas spirit remains strong and patriotic, and we are a desirable state with people friendly laws, freedom, wealth, oil, job opportunities, educational opportunities, famous hospitals, a rich diversity of ethnicities and preferences, a deep appreciation of the arts, lower taxes and reasonable prices for property.  Texans won’t put up with federal garbage, which is why we are considered ‘hostile.’  Texans know their rights and demand truth.  I always hate leaving Texas because I’m amazed at how rude and cold some people can be outside my believed state, where in Texas we expect manners like the use of Mam and Sir, especially toward strangers and hard working individuals you encounter on a daily basis.  Anyway, don’t be surprised one day when we kiss the illegal debt of the USA buhhhhhhhbuhhhhbyeeeeeeeee and say F**k socialism and S***t on tyranny.  Texas would love to say so long to Obama, bless your little heart, have fun with ya’lls commie nightmare we’ll just stay safe over yonder because the NWO is a Friday turd in a Saturday market.


3 thoughts on “Texas Secession UPDATE on Prediction

    • I’m well aware of the Bush Family. The presidents use my high school’s field to land their private plane and they were in my yearbook every year when I was in high school. I didn’t say that the USA would enjoy it and not try to stop it. Hell no, they want our resources and would hate this, plus several states will move to join us. They will respond to Texas’s defiance with war!!!! Yes, we have NASA, the Oil corridor, farmers, manufacturers…..great museums, all sorts of great things which is what makes us STRONG and independent.

      • also, let me point out we have wonderful hospitals….Houston has a medical center known for treatment of cancer and another one for heart diseases and people come from all over the world for care.

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