Zombie Virus


I warned years ago about the reality of zombies and a zombie threat though I am not exactly certain of the exact meaning.  I do feel within my lifetime we will understand the meaning of zombies in society.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about the nature of a pandemic or biological warefare whereby those infected are literally ‘the walking dead.’  I’ve been reading headlines about creepy horrible genetically manipulated diseases in labs at universities without any sort of true safety measure to keep them contained.  I believe the predictive programming in all the movies and television shows as well as the ‘zombie drills’ and zombie propaganda and discussion of the zombie apocalypse in main stream culture signifies an upcoming zombie type societal event.  I believe once the NWO starts to unleash it’s warefare upon us it will come out not only in the form of weather and false flag terrorism but also biological and chemical.

Sometimes a commentator says something like which one of your predictions is going to get us all and wipe us out lololol.  My answer is that the NWO wants a fight until the death of everyone except the .oooooooooooo2 elite.  They want to be the 2 or 3 thousand survivors.

When you have a disease and seek medical treatment no one wonders why a doctor or series of health workers might try multiple methods to cure a disease.  Well, likewise, with any goal a reasonable human will seem multiple methods to attain their desired goal.  The NWO has unlimited resources and a satanically determined will to terminate most humans (AGENDA 21).  They have a multifaceted plan to cause so many issues and fight so many battles on so many fronts that we cannot overcome. They don’t want us to even understand their programs or technology and anyone who does understand it they say is a conspiracy theorist and seek to take them out of existence.

Through an open mind, prayer, education, meditation and community we can and do, in fact, understand the agenda, technology and programs.   This understanding and awakening really really upsets the NWO and has caused a frenzied acceleration of their programs.  Crippling a society with food shortages, power shortages, terror, water shortages, bad weather and disease gives the NWO a huge advantage.

They are already waging a war on us through diseases.  They cause these diseases indirectly through toxins in food, water, the air, the environment, the medicines…etc.  After they have weakened everyone then they will roll out the more direct, overt biological attacks and pandemics which will, of course, appear as ‘accidents.’  That is like one country accidentally bombing another.


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  1. oh my this is terrible. As I read your comments about Zombies, I am being “told” that those bodies will be artificially created by Aliens of another world, and will not be 100 percent human. Not sure what that exactly means.

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