The Media’s Fascination….Actually More Like Obsession, With Mars


You may be noticing in recent months the media’s fascination, which has become more of a full on obsession, with the planet of Mars; particularly the colonization of the planet. This is no accident and absolutely no coincidence that this is happening at this time. The elite are finding the masses have begun a collective awakening towards their corruption that has plagued us for much of human history. Try as they might to distract by division among the masses, the truth is much of humanity’s most pressing problems are really as a result of the 1% and the governments that serve their interests. They are finding that as more of their whereabouts are exposed and their history has been revealed for all of us to see, we may revolt against them all around the Earth and overthrow their influence anywhere that it is found. This is causing them mass anxiety and the need to lay low in bunkers across the globe. The problem is they will be found and thrust from their hiding spots by brute force…at least, most of them will.

As a result of these fears and the need to find a permanent exit strategy, the elite are on a quest to finance an immediate colonization of Mars; similar to what has been proposed in the Matt Damon films Elysium and The Martian (he serves their interests now, yet that won’t always be the case….;)…they’ll regret the day he changes his mind). As much as we all love a desire to space out into the universe, we must command our corruption and equality issues that plague our entire planet at home first. If we hold off on prosecuting them for their centuries of misery and human rights violations until the end of the decade, then at least some of them will escape prosecution for all of eternity. They will pack up their things and set off into space; never to be seen by our human societies on Earth ever again. Like the financial racketeers of medieval Europe packing up their things to colonize the new colony of North America, the elite will make off into the mass expansion of our universe carrying the banner of “liberty” and “freedom from oppression” along with them.

Don’t let them pack off into a journey towards the planet Mars and other non-Earth colonies for all of mankind. We have a small window of opportunity opening up to repair many millenniums of corruptive karma in the span of forty years time. Don’t let us waste this amazingly rare opportunity to prepare for the greatest exposure of evil on our Earth. As the Dalai Lama has made clear, we must address our problems here at home before we go off and expose ourselves to the vast bodies of life that exist outside of our solar system. Please stop this show of aggression for further colonization and the expansion of the corresponding misery that comes along with it. Think about this before we spread our human disease to other planets and make our collective misery worse for many other sentient beings than it ever was possible before for just us futile earthlings.