Putin has Pissed of the NWO


I’m really unclear right now about this prediction except to say that Putin is doing things that have been and are upsetting the NWO and their agenda.  I am unsure what he is doing, if it is just subtle things like encouraging his people to have babies and demanding clean food….or if it is greater things but they want to punish Russia and it is like a giant wild card.  I’m not saying Putin is a great guy in any way or that he is sinister.  I have a hard time reading exactly what is going on there….I do think Russia’s hostility toward America is increasing as a result of what I’m feeling about Putin upsetting the NWO agenda.  I think nonetheless the NWO will try to manipulate Russia to inflame WWIII.  Anyone understand what Putin is doing or not doing to upset the NWO?  If you do please leave a comment so maybe my prediction will make more sense.  I’ll update it if I understand better.


4 thoughts on “Putin has Pissed of the NWO

      1. Did you know there are 50,000 Chinese immigrants in Vancouver Canada? Most of them are sent from Red China Army. They plan to come down south, where Boeing HQ is. Red China also bouht some port logistic company in West Coast, and some base camps in Mexico & Argentine. Although I do not think Russia/Red China use a Nuke this time, since it is them that need badly the fertile land. It will be a war between Chinese sleeping cell infantry vs US Drone troop. Red China totally ignored the importance of bullet/food supply during this coming warfare. I am suspecting that Red China/Russia will fail on this attempt.
        Canada stopped the Vancouver immigration application from China, USA sending troops, infantry, drones in Oregon. Everyone aware except for innocent US citizens. Unlike early stage Chinese immigrants, American Chinese in USA, Red China is a very dangerous country. Ppl should wake up for this.

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