NWO Agenda: Destroy American Identity/Education


The NWO is destroying American Identity through education and destroying traditional American symbols and digging up confederate soldiers, etc in the name of racism.  They will proclaim the flag and all American symbols are racist and move to eliminate them.  The goal is not to end racism, as the NWO is VERY RACIST, but to end America.  They will move to eliminate the Constitution and Bill of Rights because they will declare them racist.  Yet, after they wipe these things away they will bring out a more oppressive, more racist system then every before.  They have already infected the education system such that the youth doesn’t know basic American history/rights, etc.  They are acting like English itself is racist and banning words right and left for the fun of their controls and regulations.  History repeats.  A clear historical example is how England created and caused a famine for Ireland then gave them money not to teach the children about Irish History and their native gaelic language.

Sinead O’Conner effectively explains the NWO scheme of what they did in Ireland and it is their playbook that they are now doing in America.  She said about it in this song “Famine”:

The answer to bad events in history is to study them to insure that they don’t repeat.  We cannot forget them or they will repeat. The NWO desire to eliminate the teaching of history, historical symbols and Americana indicates a desire on their part of recreate slavery.  In fact, that is exactly their agenda.  Every country that exists has done things which are bad because governments are only made of people and some people are corrupt.  Those who write history and re-write history highly influence and control the minds in the present.  If you can get them to believe 2+2 is 5, they will believe anything.  They messed up our educational system so badly with common core that kids are highly illiterate because they stopped learning phonics.  Is phonics racist?  Some say it is….historically they tried to prohibit slaves from learning to read because knowledge is power.  We need to read history from the perspective that we refuse to repeat the past and celebrate the triumph of the strength of the human spirit to overcome injustice and suffering.

Someone online made a joke that the NWO is exactly like the aliens in Mars Attacks.  They announce they come in peace but then commence a shooting spree. They say ‘don’t run we are your friends’ and then they keep shooting.  They invert their words to pretend like their deeds are good but actually it is the complete opposite (like the Patriot Act is the Anti-Patriot Act) Interestingly, one of the first things the aliens do is redo Mt. Rushmore and change it to their Alien leaders.  Maybe the NWO will carve Mt. Rushmore into Molech, Lucifer, Satan, Obama, and the members of the Clinton/Bush families.  Now, those entities certainly are not racist.  They come in peace.  They are our friends.  lol. Don’t be tricked into their emotional manipulation.