Judgement 2015


I’m hearing a lot of talk these days about Judgement, Final Judgement, God’s Judgement.  I know there are many bad things happening right now in the world.

Know, there is a judgement in the afterlife.  You are judged and judge yourself.  The judgement revolves around how much love you had, how loving you were, how many loving deeds did you do, how many choices to love did you make.  The great question is: HOW MANY LOVING CHOICES DID YOU MAKE?

You will see how your loving choices effected everyone around as well as the repercussions of your non-loving choices.  You will be very horrible over those choices you made that were not loving.  You will be surprised that many loving choices that were very pure are so small that you did them and instantly forgot about them and had no idea of the repercussions of love that vibrated into the world.

Now is the time to remember to choose love.