Jade Helm and the RED (Kill), BLUE (Kill)and GREEN (Camp) lists


I’ve been writing about Jade Helm and I want to stress the seriousness of a computer AI assassination program.  They are doing a test run of their Jade Helm assassination pre-crime program.  They are drooling at the thought of actually implementing it and looking for the first chance to create an opportunity to run this program which they think legally frees them of the the responsibility of Agenda 21.   Jade Helm is set up to be a test run, a drill for the AI pre-crime kill list to be used on the American people and around the world.   Now, we know that their false flags often happen when they are doing drills.  This is because they don’t want to drill at all, they want to just execute the program.  Desperation to make this happen seems to be increasing the possibility they will implement the actual program.  If it doesn’t happen it is only because of oath keepers and whistle blowers that don’t follow orders.  Let us hope these good people stop the NWO Agenda 21.

Who are the criminals they wish to kill?  Who are the government terrorists?

The list is extensive and includes millions: veterans, Constitutionalists, those who pay with cash, those who complain about tap water, those who complain about GMO foods and want to eat organic, those who practice basically any religion but especially Christians, those who doubt the government, non Obama supporters, anti-NWO individuals, homeschoolers, gun owners, those who share the name with someone they find threatening, anyone who doubts the government or media, capitalists, any sort of political activist, pro-life individuals, the police, oath keepers, the militias, bloggers who have strong opinions, climate change or global warming deniers, the Tea Party, anyone not politically affiliated with the two family system, anyone who questions big pharma in any way….the list goes on and on and you are likely on it if you are reading this because you visit websites that question the government.  This is the RED LIST they will kill.

Anyone who follows orders (the police, the military) are on the BLUE LIST and will be killed after the Red list is fully terminated. So, these people need to really wake up, become Oath Keepers and whistle blowers.  If they follow orders they are not safe, they are marking themselves as a target as well and are in a no win death spiral.  The only option is to band together with those innocents they are persecuting, and keep your oaths.

 Also, those around the world, internationally that sit back and do nothing are next on the list for this computer program to come to your country.

Those left behind not on the red or blue kill lists they plan to re-educate in camps, as Hillary has been mentioning ‘fun camps.’  These people they intend for slavery.  People on this list need to wake up as well, because their future is not safe and secure either.  In fact, these people have a horrible fate awaiting their family.