Emergency Broadcast System Tested for Pending False Flags/Martial Law/Terror

digital_art_test_pattern_emergency_broadcast_system_1280x800_27212 (1)

Lately I noticed a disturbing change to the emergency broadcast system ‘tests’: they dropped the word test and part about ‘this is only a test.’  They have readied the phone systems and the television systems and will stage false flags soon and then jump in with their directed narrative through the emergency broadcast system.  They’ve been doing many more tests than usual, at least in my area (Texas) and obviously they deem it necessary because they plan to use it, I think soon.  I’m not saying that it is bad to have this system, and it can be helpful during real events.  However, I am sensing that the NWO is excited to spread terror and fear through this system and already has their announcements/ the narrative penned and ready to be rolled out during their orchestrated events.  Pay special attention to what the messages say because they will reveal the agenda right away, in the direction of gun confiscation, hatred, division and the need for a government savior from all the boogies they created and control.  I have seen Obama in my dreams unveiling his gun confiscation plan in my dream and China is simply demanding it, along with the NWO.  The religious leaders will stand up and call for gun confiscation to hope that people don’t resist as much because of pressure from their churches.  They will terrorize through the emergency broadcast system and take control of the media/ have blackouts.  I’m hoping for whatever reason these events are stopped and do not happen.  I fear that he has already passed a series of secret orders for gun confiscation.  He has passed plenty of secret orders which will be unveiled during their false flags.