Don’t Go to Racial or Anti-Police Protests/ False Flag Eminent


I have predicted about government/NWO inspired the rise of the KKK to spread race division.  I have predicted about the government plans to send psyops to false flag at protests and during race/police rallies like Ferguson, Etc.  I have predicted about the government plan I dreamed about where they want to target leaders like Al-Sharpton to cause nation wide violence to break out.  Don’t go to these rallies, they are infected with government false flag plans, especially if they are near a church. These will get ugly fast and they are no good.  Just don’t go and especially don’t go if you are connected with the CIA or any sort of program because you just might be the fall guy/woman.  Anyone with any false flag or ‘drill’ information about areas where these events are happening need to be whistleblowers right now.  The time is now.

We should have unity/bi-racial friendship and love concerts and lolapallozas and poetry readings and plays and art exhibits. The NWO would hate that so much.  We need to celebrate the heroic oath keepers in the police force and root out the bad cops and have a no tolerance policy for corrupt cops, politicians and leaders.