Call to Prayer

how good and pleasant

Our world urgently needs your prayers.  Whatever religion you are please pray/mediate that love spreads and hatred ends.  Pray for unity, pray for Oath Keepers, pray that evil in the world fails and is defeated by goodness.  Pray that a healing light spread on our world.  Pray for justice for everyone.  Pray that ignorance will end.  Pray for wisdom and strength for every good person.  Pray for peace and that evil people will not divide, create chaos and war and conquer.  Pray for health and healthy food.  Pray that technology will be healthy and available to all not hoarded by elites.  Pray for liberty, happiness, civil rights, and that the NWO will fail.  Pray for personal responsibility, individual creative expression and wealth to spread across the world due to individual hard work and determination.  Pray for religious freedom and against a one world religion and one world government.  Pray that religions are not infected by NWO ill intended people or systems of hatred and persecuting intolerance.  Pray for the innate goodness planted in all humans to be a conscious that can discern good from bad, truth from lies.  Pray for whistle blowers.  Pray for an awakening.  Pray for salvation from the evil in the world, causing unjust suffering and injustice.

The NWO is the opposite of everything above all about sickness, death, doom, suffering, war, division, hate, ignorance and everything evil.  They pretend to be about what is listed above but they are liars.