Blame/Punish the Right People; WWIII, Agenda 21


I am praying and hoping for a good future for America and the world.  I hope we do not have a WWIII, a collapse, a Civil War in America and I hope no people are bombed and no false flags happen.  However, my nightmares suggest these events are on the horizon.

The purpose of this prediction is to remind people that when these events happen we need to hold the correct people responsible for crimes against humanity.  The cronies, the elites, the bankers, the leaders of the major countries, the Bilderberg group, the high level of the secret societies, the Illuminati,  are responsible.  Like the Nazi’s were later held responsible for their atrocious crimes against humanity, these wretched people need to be impeached and otherwise put to trial.  The trials need to discuss Agenda 21 and everything they are doing, have done and will do to terminate humanity.  Their crimes are too great to list here, but we need to remember as a society that these monsters have done unforgettable horrible deeds and need to be held accountable and punished by law.

They will blame so called terrorists and people who are anti-NWO.  In reality they are the eugenicists, the terrorists, the creaters of terrorism, the inflamers of terrorism and they persecute the innocent.