A Bad Deal


I’ve been pretty harsh on the Israeli government in the past, but this is an area where I have a common agreement with them. The recently announced nuclear prevention deal with Iran is being touted as an historic achievement, but my psychic hunch senses a dreadful doom. This reminds me of the Munich Agreement with Hitler which he defied in his quest to conquer the European region. All eyes should be on the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and on US President Barack Obama at this time. I don’t trust either of them with their intentions and question their honesty. If this trade deal and accord aren’t terminated in their respective legislatures, then we may regret trying to make history by taking it in a very disastrous direction.

5 thoughts on “A Bad Deal

    1. Funny thing about China. Nostradamus predicted that the communist regime would be overthrown by 2018 or 2019.

      Quatrain 4.32

      In those places and times that meat gives way to fish
      The communal law will be made in opposition:
      The old ones hold strong, then removed from the scene,
      Panta chiona philon put much behind.

      If this is to be the case, then the following sequence occurs.

      1) Economic collapse in China
      2) Infiltration into the mainland by Joshua Wong and the Occupy/Umbrella Revolution marchers
      3) The reunification of Korea
      4) The denouncement of capitalism and communism in mainland China
      5) Threats of an overthrow turn into an actual one

      This cannot happen overnight due to a number of prevailing factors. However, by the time the decade nears its end, the Chinese will experience freedom for the first time. That’s when many of these conflicts around the world will be resolved; some peacefully and some on a more gruesome scale. Blood will pour, but that is the sacrifice for liberation of an entire nation.

    1. There’s the most obvious scenario. Israel bombs Iran anyway and starts World War 3. We also could see Iran using its nuclear capacity to attack Israel unilaterally or arming the rebellious Islamic State and making them their sponsor for terror around the world. All of this will depend on news reports of how close Iran really is to developing a nuclear weapon and how much their ties to ISIS are fact versus fiction. Keep an eye out for those stories. They are determinate of what is the outcome of this whole resolution. It’s up in the air. I can’t find too much clarity at this time except to say that this was an historic mistake.

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