American Holocaust


Please Watch this warning from Anonymous:

I want to sound the red flag because I have noticed an increase of warnings about the NWO desire to create an American Holocaust.  I posted a very clear Anonymous video which explains their plan.  I’m not going to post every link I have found which relates to this warning because it is far too much so I encourage you to research this if you are skeptical.  Often reality is so terrible we would rather live in denial.  Steve Quayle with David Knight was recently discussing how the government plans to ultimately use JADE HELM to prepare for the mass murder of all gun owners (the red list) and then the murder of all those who carried out their orders to murder the gun owners like police and military (the blue list) and then the rest of the people going to adult re-education fema camps to eventually become slaves (the green list).  Jade Helm ultimately relates to a massive computer program which deals with pre-crime predictive programming of people based on their meta-data and data collected by all of our technology….and Jade Helm effectively and ruthlessly can root out and eliminate all so called ‘government terrorists’ (remember the list of government terrorists where everyone is on it including gun owners, veterans, Christians, tea party, Jeffersonian Liberals, Capitalists…. basically anyone who rejects any principle of the NWO).  Oath Keepers have posted and made plans concerning the government’s increase of massive illegal activities including Jade Helm’s direct violation of Posse Comitatus.  Militia groups are greatly disturbed by these events and warnings.  Christians everywhere are not only alarmed by the mass persecution of Christians worldwide by by their leaders (Catholic and Protestant alike) suddenly calling for a NWO, a One-World-Religion and Carbon Taxes.

The acceleration of events has started and the NWO appears to be going full steam ahead toward their end-game.  Everything we have warned about for so many years is becoming apparent.  Collapse, wars, mass murders, race riots and mass Democide are coming and you must prepare yourself and your family.

The American Flag is officially upside down.  We are in distress, we need help.  Emergency and code red.

IMPORTANT: The ‘so called’ gas in the engine of Jade Helm is the DATA BASE of information that has been collected on every American.  In order to effectively do their Holocaust, they depend on their data base of meta-data and logs from everyone’s computers, cell phones, smart devices….etc.  I had a dream that Anonymous was desperately trying to wipe out the data base and save the people.

Jade Helm begins this week.  Be vigilant everywhere and if you see something video tape it and post it all over.  Whistleblowers are needed now more than ever.  Oath Keepers must not comply with illegal orders.  The time is upon us where many will need to choose the path of light/life/freedom/goodness or the path of darkness/death/slavery/evil.

If all of this sounds insane and desperate that is by design.  There is a government mind-control psychological program which is a psychological warfare that utilizes over the top absurdity and lamplighting and ‘conspiracy talk’ and manipulating language in order to invert reality, create confusing and chaos and thus achieve some unrealistically evil end.  Many theologians, like M. Scott Peck, in his ‘People of the Lie’ have explained that the devil uses lies and only has power when people believe those lies. STOP believing the LIES of the NWO.  If it looks like tyranny it is!!!!  Stop buying into their propaganda that they are loving, want to protect people and they want to spread unity, wealth, freedom, health and save the earth; the opposite is true of them….they want destruction, war, mass death, chaos, division, sickness, slavery and poverty.

I was talking to a family member the other day who thinks all of this is total conspiracy and that we need to trust the government.  I replied, well, should we trust the government because historically NO government has EVER caused DEMOCIDE or done anything that harms or oppresses any of it’s people?  Or, should we trust the government because the government controlled media tells us we are racist conspiracy theorists if we doubt them for one single second?  I further asked this family member: Just before Hitler’s Holocaust don’t you think that those persecuted for being ‘politically incorrect’ were, in fact, government doubting conspiracy theorists because Hitler just loved the people and the children and simply wanted to protect everyone by disarming the citizens.  Of course, Hitler has no bad eugenics intentions….Why do you think they are trying to hard to re-write history at this moment….and dumb us down through poisons in our water, air, food, medicine….etc?  They want a dumb, dead, controllable pack of slaves….PERIOD and are setting up an even worse Holocaust than ever seen.  Imagine the power of Hitler if he had the technology available today, like this predictive pre-crime psychological computer program JADE HELM?


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  1. I just noticed colored dots on the mail boxes along the road, some green, some white and some red. Not sure why they are there or how long they have been there, but this post opened my eyes.

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