Warning about Psyops Instigating Police/Race Violence


I have warned about paid government trolls several times for years.  However, without naming names I urgently request that you heed this warning for future ‘uprisings’ like Ferguson.  Most people are becoming aware of the bus loads of Soros paid NWO rioters who are sent into areas of civil unrest to instigate further police/race violence in an attempt to create chaos so that they ‘heroic’ federal government can declare Martial Law, have a standing army and disarm citizens.  My warning now though is about a more subtle and more damage causing threat.  There are paid government CIA psyops running around as activists representing ‘human rights’ and the Tea Party, Libertarians (etc.).  Some of these people are well known and praised for certain acts of activism them have done.  What you see is not always what is really there.  You have to pay attention to the general picture of certain activists.  IF they are promoting police and race violence, writing about subjects which serve the NWO agenda…..siding with certain well known NWO schemes….they are likely sent to infiltrate and cause havoc so that ultimately the Tea Party/ Libertarians etc. can be declared terrorists.  They are friends with other well known activists.  Sometimes they are very good looking and use their sexuality to gain followers.  Then, in one side of their mouth they sound good, defending human rights and the Constitution.  Yet, they subtly encourage Police and race violence, making their form of activism appear sexy.  Often, if you look into these people they have a dark history of porn and the occult.  Please, be careful whom you associate with it you are a political activist and/or find yourself in a location where there are protests/riots.  These people are designed to hype the emotion and turn the events violent.  Again, these people gain power often because they are very attractive physically and use their sex appeal to achieve NWO goals.


2 thoughts on “Warning about Psyops Instigating Police/Race Violence

  1. This is important. There’s a difference between overthrowing the government and using your sexuality to assassinate innocent cops. When deciding who to trust in this conflict, you need to think about this.

    • Thank you. In fact, the manipulation of using sexuality to further ideas is clearly not well intended. In fact, using sexuality degrades every cause…..makes a mockery of human rights…..but then, this sort of psyop is about selling, inflaming, emotions, setting others on a bad path…..its like the mean little girl at school that pretends to be the goodie two shoes but really is a giant bully when no one is looking….and is secretly inflaming everyone to bully others but never gets in trouble for it herself…..

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