RACE WAR: Warning for Al Sharpton/ Kid Rock

The Rev. Al Sharpton-  Washington, DC

The Rev. Al Sharpton- Washington, DC



I’ve been warning about increasing race wars for years and I’m seeing a culminating moment which could inflame civil unrest and greater violence of widespread race war.  I believe the government is purposefully encouraging this and has a giant event planned to really get it going….like putting the match to the gasoline.  I pray for the safety and continued free speech of all Americans.  I’m afraid someone or a group is planning to harm or terminate Al Sharpton and Kid Rock to really get the violence spreading so that they government can disarm and call Martial Law and do away with free speech.  I pray this doesn’t happen.  This NWO plot perfectly pairs with the rest of events going on in America and cases a great distraction from other events.  I fear this, or something like this (because I’m exposing this from my visions) is planned.  In short, they want to find two targets to publicly attack or terminate so that they can blame both sides: the Black Panthers/thus holding all African Americans responsible as well as the Sons of the Confederacy/thus holding all Caucasian Americans responsible.  In reality, this is a government program to cause race conflict/ civil unrest and then ‘heroically’ rush in with strict laws, regulations, Martial Law and the death of the Constitution for ALL AMERICANS of every color.   Now is the time to unite every race under the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Souls do not have a color and we are all made from love, to love.  I hope that Al Sharpton and Kid Rock increase their personal security and stay alert and safe and promote FREE SPEECH and Civil Rights for EVERYONE.  Hopefully even the Black Panthers and the Sons of the Confederacy will be alert to the idea of government psyops operating among them, using their emotions and ideas actually manipulate everyone into NWO goals.   I personally do not like any hate groups and they can be an unfortunate consequence of some stupid people exercising their rights to free speech.  However, the answer to this spreading love and unity, as well as prayer not government regulations.


5 thoughts on “RACE WAR: Warning for Al Sharpton/ Kid Rock

  1. Al Sharpton has been laying low after taking the spotlight during the Ferguson uprising. That was a smart idea; to let new leadership take his place. However, his reemergence is very dangerous at this time. He does need to watch out for his safety. Kid Rock, I really can’t say the same thing. Unless he starts meddling into this whole war conflict, then he should be fine. If he’s thinking about discussing race relations in the near future, here’s some good advice; don’t. Safety is secured if he takes it to heart. 😉

    • Well according to the link I posted Kid Rock is using the confederate flag at his concerts (etc) and getting vocal about it…..at a concert would be the government’s perfect false flag opportunity to make an example and light the flames…..
      I’m not a follower or fan of either of these people, nor do I dislike them….I am just reporting on what images came to my mind, which is a warning of safety and false flags…..You are correct it is good Sharpton is laying low….hopefully he considers his safety because the NWO will use him up as a pawn.

      • Eeeeek, really? That’s not good. Take down the flag. I know he has his first amendment right to do so, but this is a dangerous time and why start up the trouble? Oh God.

        I think Sharpton isn’t as stupid or corrupt as people say he is. Incompetent, sure. Stupid and sinister, not so much. That may save the movement if he’s not involved. It gives it credibility and saves them from the distraction. Besides, if you remember what I’ve written, the current activists aren’t the revolutionaries. That’s something critics of our site need to realize for some of the disagreements we both may have with one another. 😉

      • Take down what flag? You are welcome to edit this as you see fit, Liam. I’m not sure what you mean. Do u mean the tag? Yeah the link is there….I think Sharpton is being used by the NWO as I said….I don’t think he is personally sinister or stupid. In fact, he prob has his heart in the right spot and I do feel for any and every victim of racism…..but unfortunately the NWO is just trying to use race war to create socialism/totalitarianism…..and they, the NWO are the worst sort of racists.

      • The confederate flag. He has a right to have it up during his shows, but it’s not wise to flare tempers during a time of turmoil over the issue. Lay low.

        That’s true, but as I’ve said before, it’s important to acknowledge the racial hierarchy of our system and to combat it with a message of equality.

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