List of Assassination Attempts and Political Deaths This Year


I have written on this blog a number of times that the threat of assassination looms near; as it did in February. I may not have accurately predicted a successful attempt, but attempts were made with a thwarting by outside force and political careers died non-violently as well. This is a list of all of the major fulfillments of my eery warnings for what is to come. This should serve as a token to my prescience and a forewarning for what is coming down the pipeline in the very near future.

Note: This list may be incomplete. If I’m missing anything, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to this blog posting in an update. Thanks for your help in advance. 😉

January 1st: Death of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo
January 2nd: Hospitalization of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (Though some speculate it was not an “exercise accident” but an assault from the Nevada mafia)
January 5th: Resignation of Congressman Michael Grimm
January 7th: Arrest of a man accused of threatening to poison John Boehner’s drink for the purposes of killing him (Potentially possessed by a sinister force, I’ve written about this before, not the first time either, this spirit really wants Boehner to pay the piper, I had a vision a while ago about a man poisoning his drink, he may have made this particular attempt go away, but it won’t be the last time that this risk looms near)
January 14th: Arrest of a man accused of committing to an Isis inspired white house and capitol building bomb plot (Potential MK Ultra patsy, I’ve written about this before)
January 18th: Delaware drive by shooting near the home of Vice President Joe Biden
January 29th: Gun left in a Capitol Hill restroom by Capitol Hill police
February 6th: Death of Congressman Alan Nunnelee
March 4th: Attack on US South Korean Ambassador Mark Lippert (May have a message for the upcoming unification of North and South Korea)
March 17th: Resignation of Congressman Aaron Schock
March 18th: Hospitalization of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daughter Michaela Kennedy Cuomo (A Kennedy and a Cuomo combination is a very dangerous thing to behold)
April 1st: Indictment of Senator Robert Menendez (Perhaps an attempt at a political assassination by the Obama administration, he may have his life at risk by the powers that be as well)
April 11th: Lockdown on Capitol building ordered after a man’s suicide sets off alarms
April 15th: Attempted gyrocopter delivery to the Capitol building ends in arrest (Notice in some of these stories that the FBI knew of these attempts before they were implemented and did nothing, they may think that they are using these incidents to strengthen the laws of the US, but they are just unleashing a base 7 vector for fulfillment in the near term future, idiots)
April 20th: A White House jumper was arrested, marking the first this year from the previous five from 2014.
April 29th: Attack on Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis (Warning for Alexis Tsipras)
May 4th: Arrest of New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos
May 10th: Death of former congressman Jim Wright
May 19th: Emergency surgery for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “girlfriend” Sandra Lee
May 30th: Death of former Delaware Attorney General and son of Vice President Joe Biden Beau Biden (Seems Joe is safe for now, but that remains to be seen)
June 9th: Bomb threats lead to evacuation of both the white house and the capitol building
June 17th: Assassination of South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney during the Charleston Shooting (may explain why this story got more coverage than anticipated)
June 25th: Death of former congressman Mario Biaggi (Mario deaths happen in threes, which Mario may be the last to be taken from us this year, could be an Italian prime minister or lawmaker in addition to the potential of an American lawmaker, could also be the death of Italian economist and corrupt ECB banker Mario Draghi if the coup of Greece draws the rioting near to his location, keep a watch out for this)
July 4th: FBI claims to have thwarted potential July 4th terrorist attacks (Although who knows if that’s really the case, terrorists don’t strike on days you would expect them to appear)
July 8th: Evacuation of the Wisconsin Capital building after a credible bomb threat is discovered (Warning for Governor Scott Walker that the grim reaper draws himself near to you and the Koch Brothers who financially aid you, this may be more of a risk in 2016, though don’t discount it looming in 2015 either)
July 11th: Assassination Attempt of Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksander Vucic (Further warning to Alexis Tsipras, close proximity and failure of this particular attempt means threats on his life are imminent)
July 11th: Attack on Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (Similar to the one on New York Police Commissioner William Bratton last year)

If these string of events aren’t a warning for the worst that is yet to come, then I don’t know what else to say. June’s bloom may not be over until the end of July at the very least.