Jade Helm Uprising



The moment I heard about Jade Helm I knew it signified bad times ahead, just as we have warned.  I found a very good article about Jade Helm today in the Huffington Post, READ HERE.  I like this article because it explores a variety of ideas people have about what Jade Helm hopes to accomplish, NONE of them good.  The media is beyond desperate to call anyone who questions the motives of the government tin foil hat ‘conspiracy theorists.’  Their desperation further reveals that their motives are bad.  Just now I was also reading about a growing ‘counter Jade Helm’ movement which is going strong in Texas.  I felt the boiling anger of the NWO against Abbot and their desire to terminate him in any way possible.  The NWO understands that above all Texas is a threat and lately we have been more vocal in our determination to cling to the Constitution.

As I was pondering the time frame of Jade Helm I thought of all the warnings on the internet about September.  I want to say that the length of this Jade Helm (July 15 all the way through September) seems to suggest that I would be VERY shocked if we get through it without some kind of incident.  How great will the incident be exactly is anyone’s guess because we don’t know exactly how pompous and resolved the NWO is with it’s sinister plans.  We don’t know exactly know if enough Oath Keepers will go along with those plans even if they want to go hot.  I’m seriously hoping that enough whistleblowers and Oath Keepers stand against these bad plans.

That said, what will happen when the Oath Keepers and the whistle blowers from the inside start exposing Jade Helm to the public in a more open way?  What will happen as the citizens in the surrounding area conduct their ‘Counter Jade Helm’ and get in the face of Jade helm with their open carry and their video cameras?

As I pondered these questions a phrase came to my head in a picture: “Jade Helm Uprising.” Let us all pray against the NWO desire to create chaos and violence and hope for a peaceful revolution which restores the Constitution.