Addendem to “Jade Helm Uprising”: Warning of the Straw that Will Break the Camel’s Back


Instead of simply updating my last post about a Jade Helm Uprising I want to post this as a separate warning.  On the Oath Keeper’s website is a video explaining Jade Helm which I posted above.  I beg you to watch it because it raises two very important point which stand out to me as photos in my mind.

First: Gary Franchi asks is Jade Helm the tipping point where Americans have reached a point of intolerance?

Second: When the video is explaining that there will be a medic present in case of a medial incident Gary Franchi explains that in case Jade Helm causes a CASUALTY.  The words “CIVILIAN CASUALTY” came to my mind and then hell breaking loose in the Jade Helm Uprising.  Let us pray that this does not happen.  WARNING: if there is a single civilian casualty linked to Jade Helm due to any reason at all….. a disgusting bloody civil war will break out, especially in Texas.  Please pray against this.  We do not want a war.