Assassination of Alexis Tsipras

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 7.47.29 PM

After watching this speech by UKIP crackpot Nigel Farage making actual sense for once in his lifetime in advocating for a proper exit from the Euro currency, I got a horrible vibe from Tsipras that is posted in the image above. With the Greek government refusing to enact the will of the people and their smart, brave choice for an exit from austerity plagued EU policies, Alexis Tsipras has decided to defy the will of his people and serve up a helping handful of more austerity polices for the near term future. He’s entering a very major time of vicious, tumultuous fire that is about to light up the entirety of Greece’s night life. If he goes through with this terrible proposal and attempts to ram it though the Greek legislature tomorrow with threats of violence and force, the time for his sustained living on this Earth may soon be coming to an end. I wrote about a dream of both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minster Alexis Tsipras being assaulted and sustaining injuries. If Tsipras sells out to the EU’s proposals, then he will not make much more of a life for himself on this Earth. By the end of this month, the grim reaper may soon be approaching his door step. Politicians who are supposed to serve the interests of the people are going to find that karma will be coming to knock on them for retribution in the next few days. That’s when I suspect the ensuing anger and chaos leaves security breaches in the Greek parliament that result in his untimely assassination. He better make sure that his security detail in on full alert if he’s going to expect to survive any of this impending chaos. Make the right choice and Grexit the fuck out of the Satanic New World Order now. Otherwise, the blood on the steps of the capital in Athens may include his own pouring from the seats of power that spill out into the streets. The Greek/EU council that makes its discovery of vulnerability a little to late to rectify fully is one that is the ultimate Greek Tragedy in our respective lifetime.

ETA: Just after I posted this, I discovered this rumor spreading around that Alexis Tsipras was assassinated (later debunked) and that he would be assassinated in 2022 (7 years later, meaning this year fits on that base 7 timeline). If this isn’t enough to make it explicitly clear that the threat of assassination for selling out the referendum voters is imminent, then I don’t know what else is. All I have to say is you have been warned. đŸ˜‰