Watch Out for Internet False Flags


The NWO wants to completely control the media and the internet.  They will move soon to enforce draconian, Hitlarian anti-free speech, anti-freedom of the press, anti-Constitutional laws.  Their agenda is to create internet ‘terror’ events whereby they have to save the world from their self-inflicted terror threat (which they blame on patriots or terror groups to create terror).  I think they will strike the most during their next huge false flag because they want to control the dialogue and have a successful false flag.  The endgame is that they simply want government controls through regulations and will achieve these unjust, illegal laws through their own false flag online events.  We have mentioned this before but lately I’ve been feeling a true burning anger of the NWO for anyone speaking out against them and their plots/false flags/ NWO agenda……bloggers, media people, loud mouth liberty lovers.  Further, as warned, you will see them attack the Ron/Rand Paul’s who speak out against Hillary, the Alex Jones types who whistle blow and are in their face, and any person with political power or popular appeal who denounces them.  As the economy is in trouble and they move to obliterate cash you will see these ‘terror’ hackers emerge and their only heroic solution to the horrible hacking terrorism will be government controls and doing away with the free exchange of ideas on the internet!  Yesterday I got a huge chill when I heard a gross speech by the demon Dianne Feinstein about the need for complete government control of the internet/media.  The government will spin this control as ‘for our safety’ against ‘political incorrectness” and “terrorism hackers.”  I apologize for the rambling nature of this prediction.

In truth, the NWO is the terrorist of the internet.  They are spying and collecting data and spreading brain washing propaganda.  They use psychological warfare in the media/internet to terrorize people into their control.  They want to set up their technocracy grid so eventually everyone is connected to a greater internet through which they control everything.  They want to control our bodies and minds and want to use technology to achieve complete slavery and domination.


2 thoughts on “Watch Out for Internet False Flags

  1. I have to question anyone who wants more government control of our freedoms. We are in a pickle. I have noticed many of those Sprinters that are completely blacked out with the a/c covers on the top in my neck of the woods, also vehicles with emblems that give the illusion of being “official”. Just things popping up that are out of the ordinary. In fact, for a 2-3 hour period during the “pride parade” not one person, including neighbors had cell service. No one cared because they were partying but it unnerved me as this doesn’t happen in other areas when this many people converge. I got the sense we were guinea pigs.

    • Oh Luna, it’s only going to get much worse. In the attempts of “reform,” the government is implanting more privacy control methods to engage in predictive policing, spying on activists, monitoring anyone who has ever been fined, ticketed or arrested and spying through phone hacking/surveillance body cams/spy planes. You should be very worried. The elite have had enough of the games and are unleashing something sinister onto us soon. Thankfully, the resolve of the world’s people will make this threat a splinter in due time, but it’s going to have a horrible end before it can ever get better again.

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