Signs of the American Civil War Upon Us


This is an emergency warning that the new Civil War has truly already begun and will possibly get ‘hot’ soon.  All it will take is one big event….and it is coming.  I pray it doesn’t.

Here is a review of some highlights which indicate Civil War: Texas asked for it’s gold back.  Many states are talking secession. Obama will move to take guns and the military is drilling in Jade Helm to take on Americans.  They already listed veterans, patriots and Constitutionalists (as well as the Founding Fathers) the ‘new terrorists.’  The government has stockpiled ammo, guns, MRE’s and enough supplies to have a long long war against the American citizens.  Plus, they have been talking more about reconditioning camps.

Recent indicators of a Civil War include trying to eliminate the Confederate flag and saying that the Constitution and the American Flag is racist.  Let us consider for a moment the subtle Civil War rhetoric in the media.   When Obama came into office he was identified as the “New Lincoln.”  Race wars have been ignited again just in time for them to use racism to bring in regulations/political correctness (Hitler).  Everything which sounds like resistance against the NWO is identified as ‘racist.’  They have been getting more absurd in their anti-secession demonization because the war has already started.  A clear sign of their agenda and absurdity is their move to make a public display of digging up soldiers/generals from the First Civil War, SEE HERE.  They would only dig up old dead Civil War soldiers and make a public hissy fit as a warning against any further movements in this age toward secession or what they deem as ‘racism.’  In my reading of history I can’t recall many times when people actually dug up some dead person due to an agenda.  The only time I can think of is when the Catholic Church dug up some people they didn’t like to put them officially on trial so that they could officially be declared heretics so that they could gain certainty in their minds that they are definitely in Hell. We look back at that occurrence in history as a complete corrupt absurdity and we laugh!  Now, our government is doing the same?   How can that not be a joke??? I suppose it is just complete manipulation and some psychological psyop /warfare of brainwashing on the American People.

As noted, the NWO only uses ‘racism’ as a manipulation for their agenda.  They are announcing that they want to erase flags from history books and banning anything which references the south in the Civil War.  (Meanwhile the socialist flag or the flag of the church of Satan are just swell and great, still on sale at Amazon!).

All I can say is that for a long time people laughed at our site as conspiracy.  However, when you are faced with some of these facts and can’t deny they are happening then you see the NWO scheme for what it really is….as we warned.