September-December 2015 Economic Collapse is Eminent?

I’ve noticed a huge uptick in strange events lately.  Notably we have Jade Helm about to start just as the stock market shut down yesterday and China and Greece are experiencing economic problems which will have lasting and far reaching consequences.  The elite fleeing to their bunkers just as Russia sent bombers as a Fourth of July present to the USA (which were intercepted at the last min. near our coast!).  Everyone is threatening war against the USA; race wars, Isil, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Iran….etc.  Obama actually announced (and I don’t believe this was an accident but rather an Illuminati confession) that according to his orders we are increasing our training of Isil (see the above video).  I wonder if Obama was on cocaine and forgot suddenly not to mention this confession or if it was on purpose!?  Obama has been signing even more strange secret dictates which, no doubt, include gun control dictates.  There seems to be a timeline forming which might suggest a greater worldwide economic collapse or at least the preparation for collapse/war/black swan events….we have been warning about all of these events for years and I think the time is eminent.  It is hard to discern a timeline because so many forces influence the final outcome.  Anyway, I’m warning to get prepared one more time….if you didn’t heed our warnings before do not hesitate any longer with your preparations.

This is curious….Paster Lindsey Williams has issued a final warning that the elites are planning a collapse in the Fall 2015.  He has been sending pathetic sounding emails trying to help people learn to prepare and survive in a cold winter without electricity!!!  I’m signed up for his newsletter and I’m concerned by the urgency and nature of his recent warnings.