Rise of RACISM against WHITES; White Privilege as Manipulation-Brainwashing


The NWO uses race war to manipulate societies in order to create more laws, tyranny and oppression.  I am noticing an uptick in NWO propaganda trying to divide and conquer us through race wars.  They are putting out more movies, articles and general brainwashing everywhere you look.  I just want to say that the general group is not responsible for the actions of a few disturbed individuals.  All whites do not need to be guilty for a minority of KKK idiots and true racists.  All whites living today do not need to be guilty for slavery (which was a world wide practice throughout time whereby far more slaves were not black skinned…..and some african americans were slave owners here in the USA).  I believe if you research the statistics now very few whites actually hold any sort of racist view.  A very small minority are ever violent against blacks, or anyone.  I’m simply tired of al this crap and I reject it as complete NWO manipulation.  I’m not going to be guilty for hatred and events I am not responsible for in any way.  I am not going to be distracted from the real issues because I’m busy considering something so dumb as race.

Race doesn’t even make sense anyway!  For example, ALL Arabs are considered ‘Caucasian’ even the blackest of the black Arabs!  Further, what is this garbage with trans-racial?  What a freaking joke and a half.  Lets just get over this garbage and realize that #ALL LIVES MATTER and through love and unity we stand against the NWO regardless of religion, race, sex, sexual preference….etc.  Stop dwelling on differences and hate and turn to unity and love.  Pray for this awakening and don’t get sucked into a stupid thinking method which has as the end goal NWO control and total enslavement of every color of person!!!


5 thoughts on “Rise of RACISM against WHITES; White Privilege as Manipulation-Brainwashing

  1. There’s rarely a disagreement between us, but let me say this. As I’ve stressed earlier, there is a racial hierarchy that society has placed upon us. It would be foolish and naive to suggest that it does not exist. Yes the elite have made this the case and the poor have nothing to do with its inception, but everyone is both a perpetrator and a victim to its power. It exists in all of us and we need to address it once and for all. All lives matter, but when there is a discussion of the black ones being lost by the hands of the state, let’s not erase them in the efforts of declaring unity of humanity.

    • i have one more thought– the elites have gone out of their way to provide disinformation about who we really are as a human race. they cover up and ‘conspiracy-ize’ so much. they stunt us into being so confused about the true nature of where humans come from, our immortality….they make issues where we piss and moan and fight and persecute one another over sexual issues, race, religion….always discrediting the truth and taking our attention from the greater reality of existence. it’s like they keep us at the understanding of a two year old regarding what humanity really is in the scheme of things…..but if we look inside the veil of secrecy is only for this life and our soul’s know the truth about our identity not only as individuals but as a race.

  2. Perhaps I didn’t explain myself very well. I agree there is a horrible system of eugenics of which I have been long vocally against….within the eugenics is all sorts of racial issues…..including the worst, to me, which is the elimination of blacks through abortion (Margaret Sanger). My points I meant to get at is that those inciting race riots (George Soros) are eugenicists. They are simply manipulating and using race to suit their agenda because its an emotional argument. We need to team together at this point and not focus on division to stay united as Americans. We can’t let their manipulation of our emotions divide and conquer us.

  3. Further, just as you said- its a fake system placed upon us. I don’t even believe in their eugenics weirdness and how they divide races. Their eugenics science is bullsh@@@ and that is what creates their racial restraints.

    It’s like they just constantly manipulate everything to suit their own agenda. If being a racist suited their agenda they would be because the NWO is the worst kind of racists- the eugenicists who successfully murdered so so many and still do, without any consequences besides karma which is a whopper….

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