Human Sacrifice: Molech2015

413_01_2Expect more human sacrifice.  If you step back and look at so many of the events in the world there is a general theme of death/human sacrifice.  I don’t know any other way to describe what I dream about and see coming.  I’ve warned about increases in so many kinds of deaths, murders, persecutions and mass deaths due to false flags.  The NWO has it’s roots in the Cult of Molech which is a death cult.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

+ I’m still seeing the worst persecution of Christians worldwide.  They will be sacrificed everywhere.  They are being crucified, burned, tortured.  Seems the persecution of women and children is the greatest delight of the evil ones.

+ I’m seeing an increase in the persecution of people of other religions as well notably mainstream Muslims.

+ I’m seeing an increase in government instigated race related murders

+I’m seeing an increase in deaths of babies, abortion propaganda, child torture of all kinds, mass graves of babies discovered places and the use of children/babies in satanistic activities as well as sexual child abuse; the NWO loves anything that causes innocent suffering/death of children.  As people are turning away from abortion (more people these days are anti-abortion due to the rise of technology which allows us to understand the development of humans in the womb) so their answer is to increase the abortion age to 3!!!  (Infertility is another aspect of child death as they poison everything to increase infertility and stop children from being born….less love and hope in the world.)

+I’ve been seeing an Increase in false flag ‘terror’ events which will cause mass death….still some looming black swan events.

+I see an increase in the chemical attack of the NWO on the world through GMO foods, additives, poisons in medicine, toxins in the water and air.  As people resist these poisons because more and more people are dying from cancers and diseases thanks to this NWO chemical attack, they will become more sneaky and determined to downright poison people for their AGENDA 21.

+I see an overt desire to kill more people through death panels (now they are called ‘end of life counseling and other manipulative things like that).  Death panels will become ‘computerized’ so that they blame AI not NWO.

+I believe there is an ongoing increase of use of weather weapons which cause unnecessary deaths.

+ Look for an increase in songs about death and overt Illuminati/NWO symbolism.  Also, more television shows and media featuring how great it is to die, mass deaths, etc.