Warning about the 2016 Elections


I’ve been warning about Hillary Clinton for years.  I said so many times the NWO wants this horrible woman to become dictator-tyrant.  Voting between the two families—-Jeb or Hillary—-is like voting between Satan and Lucifer.  These people mean to completely destroy America.  I still fear Obama will false flag (like Nero) to remain in office.  I have dreamed of bombs going off in NYC and Washington.  They want to move their headquarters to Denver.  Of course, if these terrible events happen we know who is responsible.  It isn’t patriots or veterans.  It is a NWO false flag event aimed to bring in a total tyranny.  I pray this doesn’t happen.  We must be delivered from these terrible people who hijacked our country.  If Hillary and Jeb run and one makes it I don’t even believe they are actually voted in but it is a total fraud to place their evil butts in power.  We certainly need a savior to restore the Constitution.


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