Update on Jade Helm and Hostile Texas; Civil War


Unfortunately my predictions regarding Texas and the coming Civil War seem to be coming to fruition.  Jade Helm indicates an uptick in the NWO plans to take on the American People.  This military drill is completely illegal and wrong.  I don’t know if the drill itself will turn into something more but it is at least a test to see where people stand regarding gun control and the Constitution.  They will infiltrate areas of Texas in hope to map people’s sentiments and resolution as well as gain confidence when they attempt to take guns and round up citizens amid their giant false flag attack.  Texas, as I said is already becoming more vocal against the NWO.  We recently demanded our gold back and have been subtly preparing for a collapse/war.  We notice that the elites are fleeing to their bunkers ahead of their plot.  It is completely absurd to believe that Texas will go along with the demise of America/ gun control/camps….etc.  I’m pleased to hear that some of the Army is rebelling against the idea of Jade Helm.  Further, many in the Army are secretly awake and will remain as whistleblowers and Oath Keepers.  I’ve been dreaming about this horrible bubble of energy regarding a ‘terror attack.’  I think we are getting closer to it.  They will hatch their false flag terror attack and then move to take guns and Texas will secede and break into war.  I pray this won’t happen but even they are now training to take on ‘hostile states.’  This is not a conspiracy theory as we see it unfolding.  Every time I mention Jade Helm on twitter hundreds of paid government trolls attack me in complete wrath and hatred.  I have a hard time posting my predictions some times because of the horrible negative energy regarding the gravity of the events of which I dream.  It sounded crazy years ago but here we are, watching it all unfold.  Pray for peace, justice and be vigilant and prepared.  To the NWO- Texas isn’t weak and we still have the American Spirit which you have tried to hard to crush with your toxic environment and pathetic attack on our educational system, human rights, food, water, air and medicine.  Do not confuse the polite nature of Texas with weakness.  We won’t throw the first punch or cause attacks.  Our Oath Keepers will expose your false flags and we will resist your attacks on our human rights.  In the end, we will not be enslaved for the sake of safety or political correctness.  We will not be held responsible for your evil deeds against humanity.  Again, the writers of this blog are peaceful and advocate non-violence.  Resistance through ideas and information.  I’m personally in favor of Just War Theory and non-violence.  Though, even Ghandi (and Jesus) advocated for the right to bear arms and that only an evil government wants to disarm it’s citizens.


5 thoughts on “Update on Jade Helm and Hostile Texas; Civil War

    • I don’t see them going in a good direction and I think that signifies a further collapse elsewhere is coming. I was reading today about illegal plans to withhold food!!!!!!! I feel very bad for them. I know the issues are complicated but I feel bad for them and look for food shortages, riots….fires.

      • Do you see the UK getting into economic trouble, we have 12 billion worth of welfarecuts on the way. Also I assume there will be some kind of fall out from greece.

      • There will be a worldwide economic collapse because the NWO wants a one world currency. When? Not sure but it will be in stages then snowball….with one or more black swan events…..I think we are already starting to see the fall out surfacing from Greece but that is just the start.

  1. All this stuff about the Illuminati, aliens, NWO and the evil war mongers who call themselves the “elite” of America, the politicians, is extremely troubling. If Illuminati aliens exist, then they have completely altered human existence in a most negative way. Man’s entire history has been kidnapped by these immoral beings. To me it is better to go down fighting than to be enslaved. You would be better off in a grass hut somewhere than to be involved with the NWO and the Satanic Illuminati. I don’t think we have even seen the tip of the iceberg yet as to how evil this organization is. How did America get caught up in it after all we went through to be free? Our governmental agencies have nothing better to do than spy on average Americans. Instead of using technology to better the world, they want to topple it and kill millions of people. The paranoia! Paranoia will be the Achilles heel of the Illuminati. That, and it’s inability to love and learn, Technology they learn and well; love they will never know. They are lost without humans as they cannot produce females without us. Love will save us. The greatest love of all, GOD. What assurance do our leaders have that these Illuminati won’t turn on them some day? None. They are all insane and beyond saving. God has given them over to the deception and insanity. So I say, revel in your glory you evil ones, for it will be short lived.

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