Gardening; Essential to the Future of Humanity


I had a dream that some kind of entity told me to tell everyone about the importance of gardening for the future of humanity.  The entity said that we have failed to use our earth the right way and everywhere we look there should be edibles growing.  Johnny Appleseed was on the correct path, inspired by the divine.  No one should rely on ‘just in time’ delivery.  Events will occur and the starvation and panic isn’t necessary.  People should use the space in parks, public locations like the side of the freeway, front and back yards, roofs….literally everywhere needs to be filled with fruit trees and pepper plants and herbs and every sort of local edible which will grow.  The entity said to also look into regrowing fruit and vegetables from the garbage that we normally throw away.  For example, it is quite easy to regrow pineapples from the top of the pineapple.  Thus, gardens need not be a terrible expense but can be a product of what we would normally throw away.  The entity said we need to learn the skill of gardening and it is very obvious….food is essential for us to thrive, especially during some pending events.  Now is the time, please.  Further, the dark forces of the NWO do not want us to garden and plant trees on the side of the freeway or parks.  A simple google provides you with articles from the news about the government trying to stop gardens, especially in public locations.  The entity said the answer to this is that everyone runs around planting seeds everywhere and they can’t stop it.  Using food as a weapon is very evil.  Starvation isn’t necessary and this simple solution goes a long way to better humanity.