Thank God for the Greeks


Well, thank God the nation of Greece made the right choice in authoritarian overthrow and inserting a democratically domestic agenda that will further save the nation’s workers. They have made a wise choice, but take haste that it may not appear that way after all. At first, it may seem like a mistake was made. This is a temporary moment where the economic elite boycott and make their lives hell on Earth for a short period of time. However, their resolve will make it sufficient for other nations to do the same exact thing and the European Union will fall apart as a result. This action is a wide spreading event that will liberate the masses throughout all of the European continent. I feared for years that the lack of oversight on austerity and corruption would plague the major European nations into a century or more of slavery. However, now that it appears that the vote is an ousting of Greece from the European Union, perhaps it may not be too late to save the European people from their own demise. I’m hopeful that they may articulate this truth to counter the right wing noise and will participate in a worldwide financial overthrow of the 1%. If they do, a better future will be had for all, not just for some who are fortunate enough to be born on the right continent in the right period of time.


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    • Now let’s wait for financial crisis #3: a combo US housing crisis and labor union strike one, two punch. That’s the next to last one towards the end of the year. When that happens, expect all hell is about to break loose worldwide. Prepare yourself, it’s coming.

      • This is a good vector to watch out for. It’ll take a number of months before the US economy is coming to the cliff. When the government shutdown occurs, it will fall off it and this whole debate will be over.

      • The final meeting for the Greece saga is on Sunday, maybe a bizzare upturn in events a deal reached?. Strange thing is it involves all 28 members not just the ones in the Euro?

      • A big twist in the greece saga it has been agreed EU to hold decisive summit on greece on sunday. Italian PM said and was cheerful. Wishful thinking but could it be that events have decided to turn for the better?

      • No. It’s a mess that they can’t and won’t be able to resolve. Greece is not going to go over it’s imposed red lines. That’s what the referendum result matches up to. The EU nations will not stand for this because other countries may try the same thing and fail the economic unity of the Eurozone; ie. Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal. This is going to end horribly still, for now. However, things will get better as freedom begins to ring and independence day comes for the majority of the European Union.

      • What are your thoughts on this:

        Greece submits new bailout request

        While the European Parliament debate was raging, Greece quietly submitted its formal request for a new aid package in an attempt to avoid crashing out of the eurozone.

        Finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos has asked for a three-year programme, from the bailout fund (the European Stability Mechanism). And in return, Greece would commit to:

        “to a comprehensive set of reforms and measures to be implemented in the areas of fiscal sustainability, financial stability, and long-term economic growth.”

        Importantly, Tsakalotos’s said that Greece is proposing to “immediately” implement measures, starting next week.

        That would include “Tax reform related measures” and “Pension related measures” — two of the “red lines” that proved so hard to tackle in recent months.

        Tsakalotos also promises to flesh out these proposals on Thursday, with “a comprehensive and specific reform agenda” which can be assessed by the IMF, ECB and European Commission.

        And there’s no ducking the debt relief question: Tsakalotos says:

        Greece welcomes an opportunity to explore potential measures to be taken so that its official sector related debt becomes both sustainable and viable over the long term.

        HE has crossed over his red lines, and by the looks of it betrayed the NO voters which is bad as it looks like the vote was all for nothing in the end.

      • I did warn of this.

        “Finally, there’s a deal in the works on Greece, but I may have seen a vision of the Greek prime minister biting the bullet to take on the creditor’s demands. This is becoming a dangerous back and forth with a lot of bark, but not a lot of bite. I see the Greeks may not want to default, but by the end of the month, they are forced to do so by Alex’s rivals on both sides of his political spectrum. ”

        Alex may want to impose austerity, but his political rivals won’t and that’s what damages the deal. He has to get it approved by the Greek parliament. He won’t make it pass there. That, and the anger from the betrayal of the No voting public, seal the deal’s doomed fate for a lifetime.

      • One other thing I forgot to mention Simon. Remember when I mentioned Anonymous’ role in all of this?

        “The protests are back as I said they would be. Police trying to intimidate and harass protestors whenever and wherever they rise, but such actions are backfiring on them. The elite know that the protestors themselves aren’t the revolutionaries. Those such as Deray Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie (named byForbes as the 50 most influential activists in the world) aren’t the ones who will begin the gun fights in the summer. It’s groups like Anonymous and domestic militia groups who are waiting it out until all peaceful solutions are dead in the water; and they will be. Peaceful resolution is not in the cards, which is why civil war is inevitable.”


        “In late May or early June, the group Anonymous will reenact the scene in V for Vendetta where the television feed is hacked and interrupted with a message of their own. Mainstream media and major television broadcasts across the country will be interrupted by this group and the truth about our world will be revealed to the masses. The government will claim that the Syrian Electronic Army is responsible for the hack, but that is not true.”


        “Anonymous has attempted to hack into their systems, as I speculated they would, in order to spread the message of what is really at stake for humanity.”


        “Vladimir Putin has called his men into a room to discuss the events in Greece and the United States. It doesn’t play well for them. They are afraid of Anonymous and one main advisor has said that allowing the US to be overthrown by the group would be more dangerous for them than the current regime in power. RT and other media advisors also weighed in saying that they are damned if they do and are damned if they don’t in terms of trying to steer their coverage away from their advocacy.”


        “”Meanwhile, the FBI was having its own meeting. They too, like the Russians, are afraid of Anonymous and the power they have to overthrow the government. They are planning a massive cyber attack against the Anonymous leaders, but they are failing to figure out who exactly they are.”


        Told you so.

      • Wow so we are in for busy times?. Is a bit strange at the moment the greek people are not questioning the 3rd bailout request yet. Can you see the greek pm losing power when the trouble starts?.

      • Did you watch Nigel Farage’s speech to Alexis Tsipras at the Euro council today?

        Watch Tsipras’ body language. It’s not good. He’s not to be trusted. As I’ve said, he may initiative an austerity measure to get a major Euro bailout deal, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to fly well or be accepted at home. This is a very bad day indeed. Revolt is inevitable.

      • Yes I did I don’t like nigel but he was spot on. The PM appears to be a liar and a cheat, and in way over his head now. I take it revolt will happen and greece goes out of the euro?. The chinese situation the markets still in red and it is nit even on mainstream media? The chinese are trying everything to stop the freefall but nothing is working. Could you see captial controls in the UK once things start turning bad?

      • Make sure you have some cash in hand and make your way over to the ATM as soon as possible. That’s all I have to say for now.

      • It’s official tsipras has officially sold out greek government has approved the 12 to 13 billion worth of austrity cuts. I think there will be no grexit afterall my friend.

      • I feel like a broken record at times, but I’ll stress this again. They still need the plan approved by the European Union council and his own home governing body. This is the sixth time so far you’ve said there won’t be a grexit, yet all the times that path remains the same. This is just another false pandering of back and forth. This will not fly with either the creditors of the German banks (for being too harsh on the Greek people at the cost of not making such concessions for the other struggling European Union countries) or the accompanying government Alexis has to lead (a massive sell out will never fly in his cabinet and will face a sellout vote by the countries own leaders that will lead into chaos and revolt). It’s going to get worse before it gets any better. I’m not going to say anything further until events transpire.

      • Fair point liam, this freaked me out a little before remember when the storm was overhead in greece for the YES protest for the referendum. Now this tonight the Acropolis on top of the hill had a power cut for around 20 mins and was plunged into darkness, this on the night the Greek Parliament put through the reforms for huge austerity and cuts. those gods up there are not happy.

        see the pic on twitter

      • I wrote another blog post from a vision I just had. If Tsipras does sell out the Greeks on austerity, then he will not live to see the end of this month. I had originally written about Tsipras and Merkel being assaulted in a dream I had. Maybe this means that they both face untimely ends for the choices they make in all of this impending chaos and doom. That means his assassination may be imminent, whether he likes it or not. That could cause a default and exit from the Euro as the creditors no longer trust the Greek people to go along with their imposed austerity. One way or the other, I suspect they may leave the Euro. Whether Tsipras or someone else will be leading the charge remains to be seen.

      • Hello,

        I understand you not making a comment until the final resolution is passed, but i found this on the latest live update on the guardian:

        Angelique Chrisafis has been speaking to young No voters in Thessaloniki about the latest bailout proposals:

        In Greece’s northern second city, where younger Greeks mainly voted No in Sunday’s referendum on a bail-out deal, many people in their 20s have come to see themselves as a lost generation whose adult lives have been dominated by austerity. With a youth unemployment rate in the city that has reached 65%, there are few job prospects and many face living with parents and relatives for years to come.

        Among some young No voters in the city this morning, there was a feeling that there was still a lot to play for and much bargaining to be done in Brussels before a deal shaped up. Many felt that now that Greeks’ voice had been heard with the No vote, any austerity measures — which many felt had always been inevitable — could be tempered by debt-relief in a more favourable package.

        Christos, 27, who had a Masters degree in transport engineering, was standing at the bar of the coffee-shop where he had managed to get a job after graduating. He was lucky as many of his engineer friends were unemployed. But the coffee-shop’s trade has halved since the banks were shut and capital controls imposed.

        He voted for Alexis Tsipras in January but didn’t vote in the referendum. But he said he now had faith in Tspiras’s negotiations and the new proposals were not a betrayal.

        “I think everyone has always known that things were going to be very difficult now and in the coming years. The deal will be very difficult for us, but it’s probably the best solution. Better a deal than no deal. I think our only chance is to continue on our road in the eurozone.

        The No vote was a way for Greeks to express their feelings to Europe, there’s a certain happiness that the No vote has been heard. And it seems there has been an understanding that more should be put on the table for Greece, in the form of debt relief. There has been progress.”

        Valentine, 26, who runs a retro vintage clothing shop that sells clothes by the kilo, said:

        “I’m so proud of the No vote, it will be remembered as a key moment in Greek history. I trust Tspiras, even if some people don’t.”

        She felt much was going on behind the scenes and the next few days would show whether a deal could be made or whether Greece would roll towards a Grexit.

        “We always knew, whatever the referendum result, that it would be difficult whatever happens. We had never forgotten that.”

        It feels like some kind of parallel universe we are in at the moment with this, the above is basically saying we don’t mind?. I thought the Greeks would be more clever then this,mmmm

      • I understand if you don’t want to reply but montering todays events on greece it is pretty obvious that this is going to end up as a deal. The greek parliment can risk 12 no votes and the rest infavour for it to pass so for against is between 6 and 8. Even recent polls suggest germans or not in favour of grexit anymore. Merkel looks like she will be forced to vote in favoir of debt relief by her masters. Even more bizzare the greek people don’t seem to phased by the betrayal of the gov going against the no vote maybe they have become used to austrity. I cannot see any riots happening neither a worldwide crash anytime soon the markets are up and even china is out of the red. As for democracy that is really sad for me as I fear that will die this weekend in the place where it started. If I am wrong on any of the above I will eat my cake.

      • Looks like the Greek crises is far from over, it seems cracks are opening up in regards to the Eurozone, please see below what are your thoughts:

        Instant reaction: IMF says no more extend and pretend

        The IMF’s leaked report is potentially dynamite, because the Fund cannot lend to a country if it doesn’t believe it would be sustainable.

        So unless Europe swallows the reality that Greece needs major debt relief, the IMF won’t provide any more bailout funds.

        Officially, the IMF line that it “stands ready to work with the Greek authorities,”

        But we can now see that it is actually saying that another “extend and pretend” bailout deal is fundamentally flawed.

        IMF: Greece needs much deeper debt relief

        Breaking away from Brussels…. a leaked International Monetary Fund report has shown that Greece needs massively more debt relief than the eurozone has admitted.

        The IMF has updated its debt sustainability analysis to reflect the damage wrecked on the Greek economy since capital controls were imposed more than two weeks ago.

        And it shows that even more Greek debt needs to be wiped away that Europe faced up to.

        The IMF says:

        “The dramatic deterioration in debt sustainability points to the need for debt relief on a scale that would need to go well beyond what has been under consideration to date – and what has been proposed by the ESM.”

        Currently, eurozone countries have been talking about ‘reprofiling’ Greek debt, to push back repayment dates or cut the interest rate on loans.

        But this IMF report states that Greece would need a 30-year grace period.

        Alternatively, the eurozone could make explicit annual transfers of cash to Greece, or it could bite the bullet and take “deep upfront haircuts”.

      • I really wish the leaders in charge, besides Merkel, would understand that this is a bad idea. She and the Finnish are the only ones who knew to push this horrendous deal on purpose to show that the Greeks are better off out of the Eurozone. The media are calling them a bunch of nazis, but the truth is they are doing them a huge favor. Whether people realize it or not, this is a sign. I hope they take it. There aren’t many opportunities left.

      • Just watched the interview that guy is unbelievable at times it was like a double take did he just say that?, also heard Syriza dissenters could be as many as 54

      • The Syriza led coalition needs to make sure that less than 150 MP’s vote for this proposal and all the corresponding legislation that accompanies it. That may be a monumental task, but it’s not entirely impossible. However, the real death kneel comes from Greece’s mortal enemy in Germany. As I speculated, the right wing is being accompanied by the Greens and other left wingers in condemning Germany’s leadership, particularly Schauble, for forcing Greece into slavery. That may incline a coalition in unity as an opposition force so strong that crushes the proposal in the Bundgestag on Friday; as I told you earlier this week. Also notice that the United Kingdom and the Bank of England have adamantly refused to provide funding for this bailout. That may lead to an emergency referendum on a Brexit and could have catastrophic effects on the European Union as well. That, and the developments in Spain and Italy, may make this proposal a dead deal on arrival. We shall see what happens as events are unfolding as we speak.

      • Well it looks like the Greece Drama could be coming to an end but not in a good way:

        zerohedge ‏@zerohedge 11 minHá 11 minutos Ver tradução

        how many more bailouts do they have to keep doing, before their sanity clicks in?. As for Greece would you now say it is doomed into darkness of a blackhole and a severe depression on the way?. Why are they not fighting back?.

      • God, they are really just kicking this can further and further down the road. It really is a game of hot potato. The Germans may approve of bailout “talks,” but have said they will not approve of the actual bailout itself. So, in other words, they’re going to waste the next four to eight weeks “talking” about a potential bailout deal and then turn around and shut it down at the last minute. This means we’re not going to see an economic collapse until late October or early November if all indicators point in this direction. That’s what it seems like from reports, but let’s see how Greece handles the crippling austerity imposed in the meantime. This isn’t a failed prediction, just another can kicking that only leads in one direction….and that’s on the way out.

      • I’ll say this. It’s a sign. Tsipras should take it. Remember when Rome burned while Nero fiddled? (allegedly fiddled… with TMZ and other tabloids today, rumors were spread and circulated until they became fact). Well, Alexis may have to watch his back. His assassination is coming. Nero never committed suicide. Tsipras won’t either.

      • This is an arson assault, but I won’t say by who to protect their identity. I know who they are. 😉

        In the meantime, I’m ashamed that they passed the resolution for the bailout talks in the Bundestag. It seems like everyone wants a grexit, but no one wants to take responsibility for when it inevitably happens. It’s almost as if the parliaments would like a riot that causes a detrimental collapse so that way they can offshore the blame to someone else. All adolescents in a room full of children when theres needs to be a handful of adults to reign them in. God, this is a Greek disaster.

      • I think I know who it is too, also how can the bailout talks be successful the imf want debt relief, if germany accepts this will effect german bank in losses. The whole thing will not work, no one has the guts to pull the plug. Which in turn could make the euro implode altogether.

      • That’s why I’ve said Grexit is inevitable. They may have agreed to “talks,” but that’s not a bailout. I thought they would have had the wisdom to shut this down by now, but they haven’t got the balls to catch the blame for the fall. Signs in the universe are so heavy and yet everyone is so arrogant in staying in a marital disunion. Since this isn’t likely to end well, I have to reconsider if democracy is still viable in the EU. If the Athens fire doesn’t set the right alarms off now, then nothing ever will. The Europeans are more doomed than I thought.

      • Also notice, if you’re still up, that it’s 1:33 AM Athens time and the bills on the table have not received a vote. Athens has already broken the rules agreed to from the deal on Monday and Germany can make the case that it’s grounds for a Grexit. Where this goes unchallenged depends on how badly the new world order is damaged in the eyes of the public and if the solidarity amongst the masses is strong enough to withstand the roaring cry of the 1%. Stay tuned, this is going to take a nasty turn for the worst.

      • Good points but would they be so strict ti fail them on that?, it would be like a child trying really hard at studying for an exam then the headmaster turnsnaround and gives it a big fail mark. Regarding the riot issue the one tonight started bad then stopped. The anarchist dissapered intonthe night I take it they will regroup very soon. Are we looking at the same scale of 2011 and 2012 trouble?. Also do yoi think most greeks don’t relise yet what the bailout actually fully means for them?.

      • It is official the yes vote has won, my god what have these idiots just done?. No how well will angry greeks take this tomorrow what do u think?

      • This all comes down to Germany. If it is to fail diplomatically, it will die down in flames in the Bundestag. I had a feeling the Greeks would sell out their own people. I don’t think the Nai supporters understand the long term consequences of their choice yet. Thankfully, the youth do and they’ll have their say tomorrow. That’s all I’m going to say for now.

      • That’s a surprise, but they have just decided to kick this down the road yet again. Late October or early November is when this is going to arise as yet another problematic news story. The capital control on the banks will have to be lifted eventually. When that occurs, there will be runs and strikes ensue. They really are desperate to keep this new world order agenda together. Its sad that the Greeks aren’t fighting harder to eliminate that being the case.

      • I hate the can kicking. I wish they’d just get it over with and exit the Euro Zone already. It’s inevitable at this point. Stop prolonging the summer suffering Tsipras, for Christ’s sake.

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