Vote No/OXI on the Greek Referendum


I don’t like to get myself involved into other nation’s politics, but unfortunately this is an issue that effects the entire world. As a result, I need to make my case. After reading certain fraud psychics trying to steer the Greeks into a Nai/Yes vote for austerity and enslavement that may be rigged to the demise of Greek independence, I need to make it explicitly clear that those who are trying to use aggressive emotional and economic blackmail to steer you into further impoverishment are doing so knowing you will never get out of debt. The euro zone is not worth being a part of when you accept this truth. While the banks made your nation poor, the pensioners who are ready to throw their kids under the bus were apathetic towards these issues for when they could have stood up in solidarity of the workers earlier on. Don’t befall an armed overthrow of disenfranchised youth because you need your pension money. Think beyond your generation to those who are coming up behind you. When you think about their future’s here on Earth, you will never fall for the Nai trap and instead will vote Oxi/No when the vote comes up Sunday. Before it is too late for any sort of freedom (considering the enslavement which may befall the entire European continent soon), there needs to be a moment of clarity free of emotion and a proper understanding of reality. The euro is not the be all and end all of power in the whole entire world. That’s why a return to independence and the drachma is the only way to assure an economic recovery free of evil Satanic elite who wish to return to a time of forced manual labor. Regardless of how the Greeks vote for or against this referendum, most of the world will be freed from when revolution comes to their country. However, if the European Union and the Greeks want to engage in prying for that same fate, they must embrace anarchy and reject the remnants of the Satanic new world order. If they fail to do what is right Sunday for the future of their youth, then they will have heavy hearts as their children are recaptured and sold into bondage to pay off the debt load. This is the future that awaits Europe if a Grexit is prevented by either the vote (rigged or otherwise) or the force of nature that is the 1%.

9 thoughts on “Vote No/OXI on the Greek Referendum

  1. All the signs are pointing to a yes vote now. It has to be no but the elite yes media is in overdrive. If it is a no I can see violence on the streets in the aftermath.

    1. There is an element in the air of yes, but that’s due to really anxious pensioners looking to screw over their youth. This all depends on if the anarchists show up to the polls tomorrow or they think it’s better to stay home. They may stick it out and vote if the polls are close, but if they think the vote is going to be rigged, then they will not even bother showing up. This is going to be a close call and, like with Cameron’s reelection, another one where foul play may be called into question. The streets will light up if they vote yes, which might see a mass anarchy spree lead to the deaths of millions of seniors. The old better watch out with how they decide to vote. The young might come to kill them if they vote the wrong way.

      1. Well my friend you was right again Greece said No, i take it things will turn for the better now i assume the EU has to play ball now with Greece?.

      2. Better in the aftermath of what is to come. They chose freedom, a wise choice, but not without initial consequence. The ECB and IMF are not pleased and will punish the Greeks for this choice they made. However, in the end, this was a much better option because it will allow them to heal and to rebuild society from the ground up the right way. This is an exciting moment. Maybe the Europeans won’t be enslaved to the economic elite as I have long feared after all.

      3. The problem is now what do the markets make of this?, will the message send a message to the rest of the anti austerity parties that change can happen?. Will fear of contagion spread now?.

      4. I heard things will change for the worse in Greece 48 hours, food is running out, also problems with the money i wonder if it is even that bad that a greek bank could collapse.

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