Dreams and Predictions for July 2015

These are a few visions I had last night.

I foresaw a fight breaking out between Angela Merkel and Alexis Tsipras. It was almost like a knife fight and they were both getting stabbed. Merkel was avoiding the assassin, but she banged her head and then an ambulance had to be called. War may be on the horizon between Germany and Greece. If all hell breaks loose, the neighboring nations will be at war with each other by the end of the summer.

I foresaw Chris Christie behind bars. I don’t think this has anything to do with Bridgegate. Rather, I think it’s from a separate incident where his arrogance causes him to let his guard down too much. This will lead to his ruin and a stint in a federal prison cell.

There’s a moment of an upswing for Tim Tebow this summer, but then it all falls down as rumors of public drunkenness plague his final chance at an NFL contract. This is going to be a disaster, like with the Duggar family, that sees him exposed as a fraud and an arrest comes for the murder of his fiancee in 2018. This is a dark chapter in American Christian history. The purge is coming for those who hawk the prophet for profit.

Finally, speaking of football players, Michael Sam is not doing so well this summer. He’s having an emotional breakdown due to a number of stresses involving his family and his outing as the first openly gay player in the National Football League. This causes him to seek medical attention and he will be out of commission for a while as a result. However, a comeback is inevitable and it will be seen by the following year. There’s a legitimate reason why he fled the CFL so suddenly. People will feel bad for him and catch him a break.


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