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I’ve written about corruption in the music industry before. I’m posting this, on the day of Apple Music’s release, because there’s about to be a major shit storm on the horizon. There’s been a number of major evils that have been left unspoken, but soon that’s about to change. Expect a major affront to the mainstream media to come from a group of activist bloggers who are in the process of readying a damning report of slavery, sexual assault, pedophilia, abuse, rape and murder in the Satanic midst of Sony Music to release to the masses as we speak. This is going to blow the lid off of a problem that has been left to fester for almost forty years, possibly more than that. This isn’t going to end well for anyone who is in the business at this time.


I also wanted to mention two people who are in need of some time away from the spotlight. One of them is country singer/songwriter Kacey Musgraves, whose follow up release has undersold on the music charts. I had a dream that she was on the way out of her record company and she became a bit of a black sheep as a result. Expect other artists like her to go on an indie route as a result of their refusal to fall in line with industry orders. The other is Taylor Swift who, as much as she has amazing intentions at times, is about to be falling from her perch, which seems impossible, but is becoming the truth. There are a number of scandals in the works that are going to rock her entire world. She’ll have to lay low for a while as a result, using the excuse of “exhaustion” to cover up for what is really going on. It’s not going to end well for her at all, especially saddening considering not all of what is condemnable is entirely her fault.

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