Dreams Continue in June 2015

The dreams and visions have continued. As I have been feeling a sense of sadness over what is to come, my prescience and connection to the masses and the higher powers is stronger than ever. Here’s two more visions to share from my meditation last night.

There appeared to be a nuclear bomb set off in San Francisco. I recognized the Golden Gate Bridge and Broderick Street as people outside are blown out of the way of fire. The flames encompass the entire city and a mushroom cloud covers the entire city in dust. The aftermath is literally out of a post apocalyptic movie. It was quite scary. I had originally written that a nuclear bomb may be set off in August in Los Angeles earlier this year, but perhaps the location has changed to San Francisco instead. Maybe it’s a retaliatory attack against Diane Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi? Who knows.

There’s a swarm of police officers occupying neighborhoods across the country this summer. Massive angry groups of black residents come out in major confrontations. The marches turn violent and bullets are used. I had a sense of dread because all of this could have been prevented, but the elite chose to allow this to happen. It won’t end well for them and lots of property damage, death and destruction comes in its place. This probably is the spark that sets off the civil war, although protests against Jade Helm could have been an earlier starter as well.

There’s a direct threat on our nation in the form of globalized corruption. At this point in time, the pervasiveness of it is going to lead a mass slaughter in late August or early September. This, again, could have been prevented. It’s sad that this was allowed to happen. The consequences for humanity are wide spread and long term.

5 thoughts on “Dreams Continue in June 2015

    1. Not really, no. There were some in 2013. I think that’s it for a while. However, I was talking to Fefe recently about solar flares. The closet approach of one was in 2012 during the Summer Olympics in London. There was supposed to be a false flag terror attack, but it was thwarted after it leaked onto the internet (thanks in part to me). The reason I said this was the case was in retaliation by the spiritual world of the elite trying to censor and shut down the internet in a reaction to the disaster. With this recent TPP deal, we may see that horrific Earthly attack by flares back on the cards. There’s still two thwarting opportunities to this level of human annihilation in addition to the scary assassinations in the works. One is Malaysia being forced out of the trade deal dur to their slave trafficking and human rights violations. That may be enough to scare countries with similar policies away if they think they are at risk of being forced out and that tanks the policy on its own. The other is the rejection of final ratification in congress, though that may be off put due to the revolution that is brewing up by Anonymous as we speak. If trade or any other legislative agenda censors the internet, be prepared for solar flares. Until then, there’s nothing really to worry about that is coming from outer space in the next few days, weeks, months and probably years as well.

  1. Thought just crossed my mind if your references of “Civil War” could actually refer to the sudden demand from the Left to remove ALL things associated with the confederacy.

    1. Interesting thought, but it’s the elite attempting to make the civil war a north vs south affair rather than a people vs the rich and their paid off government affair. This has to do with the rise of the KKK prediction I wrote a year earlier.


      This is a means of further dividing the masses against each other rather than allowing them to come together to fight a common enemy. It will backfire, because economic concerns will soon be coming to the forefront again soon.

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