More Psychic Predictions for June 2015

These are some predictions to share. I haven’t in a while and figured this information might be useful.

1) There’s a worldwide housing bubble developing on top of all of the other economic problems we are dealing with. New York’s luxury real estate economy is the worst of them all, but Sydney, London and much of Florida are also a major problem. By the end of the summer, when the markets crash, it’s going to lead a major economic money pit that sees several of them file for bankruptcy all at once. Not good.

2) We’re having an approach of an alien invasion this year. There are attempts to make contact with “Earthlings” (humans) that is being broached by the US navy and thwarted as a result. When the economic markets fail, we will have a much harder time dealing with them, but they will be here nonetheless.

3) Huge hurricanes and earthquakes are going to rock the early summer to late fall months. Many cities are effected, but I’m not sure which ones that this time.

Hope this helps for now. More will be forthcoming.