Some More Dreams in June 2015

I’ve had a lot of lucid visions lately and have some more to share with you all now.

I had a vision about senators being assassinated. I’ve predicted this before, but I hadn’t seen it in full before. I saw a bombing at a Senator’s office who voted for passage of the anti worker trade deal and that same senator being shot dead ending all efforts to push forth the TAA and TPA deals. This was what I warned would happen and it seems the violence is drawing itself near to US.

There’s smoke and fire in all of the United States, but particularly in America’s capitol. DC monuments are blown up and fire rages outside the capitol building. The anarchy and smoke last for a whole day before three days of settlement draws near.

There’s an Indian crisis as the prime minister is assaulted outside of a protest rally. He’s getting in trouble for supporting (the spirits have said this) Zionists and then there’s an anti-Israel protest outside of Mumbai the following day. That’s something I had predicted before, but I hadn’t seen the scenes as intense as they were.

There’s a dark scene in a prison of a police beating and murdering several of the inmates. The shocking news makes politicians wince, but they don’t plan to do anything about it. I see several sitting with nervous faces as they flee the press asking for a comment. Those politicians, like others, are also targets for assassinations.

The main theme in most of my visions is the threat of assassination is growing near. It grew in February and was mostly thwarted; save for a few resignations and deaths from natural causes. Now, until the end of July, there is more danger. They better watch out. Their past voting records are going to start catching up with them as soon as the end of this week.

2 thoughts on “Some More Dreams in June 2015

  1. How do you see the Confederate flag ordeal playing out?
    Also, it looks like the TPP passed when most citizens disagree with it, what becomes of this trade deal? How does it end up doing to the common person?

    1. The confederate flag agenda is all about the elite attempting to make the civil war into an affair that they can control. A north vs south affair as opposed to a people vs their government affair that they cannot, and will not, be able to reign in. That narrative will fall apart relatively quickly, as will the new attempts at gun control in the states.

      The TPP’s first major consequence is assassinations of those who are the most betraying in terms of their constituents demands. Ron Wyden is probably the highest profile target on the list and I feel that not only will his office be blown up in Washington state, but he may face an assassination attempt by the end of this week or month. That kind of action scares the crap of the lawmakers so that the TAA is put on hold and they decide not to pursue the agenda until they’ve sorted out some of the rioting that comes about in its place first. The problem is they won’t contain the rioting and that will doom the trade deal, among other globalized agendas, for an entire lifetime or more. That’s my gut sense in all of this. Hope it helps.

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